Will our trip to Thailand be suitable for my daughter?

I am planning a trip to Thailand next year and am unsure as to wether or not I should take my Daughter who will be age 6 when we travel, I am going with a group where we will be doing things like visiting Hill tribes, Elephant trekking and other tourist things beaches etc. For some reason I feel a bit anxious about this, on the one hand it will be a great experience for her but on the other hand I wonder if it will be too much , I am going in Feb when the weather is cooler . Does anyone have any thoughts on this or , can share their own experiences, the particular trip I have chose is suitable for children of her age so say the travel company. Will it be too hot, what about the long haul flight these are my concerns

Answer #1

Thailand is a very tourist friendly country. You have nothing to worry about. I have been there many times and the Thais are fabulous! Since you are taking an all inclusive trip, you have even less to worry about because if you do need help, someone will be there to assist you. Please, if you think you would like to travel with your daughter, take her along. I’ve been traveling with my mom around the world since I was a baby and it’s the best gift she could have given me. It’s opened new horizons for me, it’s helped understand so many cultures and people, it’s given me some wonderful experiences and not to mention great work experience too! My mother said that she really liked traveling with me when I was small because people see as a Mom, a parent, someone they can relate too (everyone has a Mom and sometimes daughter too). They want to hep you and take care of you. It helps bond with locals that sometimes don’t speak the same language. Also, Thailand is very modern as well as traditional (air conditioned shopping malls and thousand year ls pagodas). If you need anything, you can buy it over there (especially in Bangkok). There is also a joke that says there are three seasons in Thailand: hot, hotter or hottest. Pack light but take a warm jacket and pants. Have fun!

Answer #2

It would be a wonderful experiende for her, but it may be safer to leave her home. But it’s your choice, and you know whats best for her.

Answer #3

just plan for the worst and take her. take tons and tons and tons of photos!!! always plan for the worst and be sure you have a place to stay..6 should be old enough..I mean, there people who are 6 who live there..why wouldn’t she be okay? and about the long flight and stuff, bring her stuff to do and explain to her, it’s going to be a long flight and everything..she’ six..she can handle it and is old enough..then again..it’s to your judgement..whatever you really think is best..I have a two year old and I would take her if I could go.

Answer #4

I can arrange child care while I am away which has already been discussed with my family so yeah childcare is not a problem , but I do kind of feel that I would be being selfish leaving her at home when it could be a fab experience for her. I have wanted to do this for many years now and is one of my life goals

Answer #5

I hear thailand is full of transvestites, they are ranked number 1 or something

Answer #6

when your their everyone in your family should go to thai boxing camp!

Answer #7

If you have a babysitter leave her home.

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