should I be worried about air sickness?

should I be worried about air sickness? I’m going flying next weekend at raf benson in the grob tutor 115E and (strangely) my only concern is if I’m going to get airsick, (because I have a thing about spewing up).

the plane is highly aerobatic, and as long as there is good weather and nothing’s wrong with the plane, then I should be dancing round in the sky, pulling some 3-4g max.

so what could I do to prevent it? I have balanced inner ears and I’m not one for complaining of travel sickness as long as I’m occupied and don’t think about it. And what do you think the chances of me getting air sick is? And if anyone’s been, I’d love to hear from them.

I’ve never flown before or been on roller coasters, so I don’t know how my body’s going to react.

one final question. is it just me, or do other people have a fear of spewing up?


Answer #1

My first time on an airplane, I was about 13. It is a little scary at first. Honestly the worst part, is starting up. It gets noisy, but that’s the worst. Once your in the air, you don’t feel anything different- as if you were driving in a car. I’d sit in the isle seat, just in case your stomach doesn’t agree with your mind. My first ride, I got so worked up, I puked, and made stops in the bathroom through out the whole trip. I had to take two planes to get to my destination, so on the second flight, I was more relaxed. I had my grandma sit next to me to comfort me. You should have someone you know sit by you and talk to you. Also reading a book, listening to an ipod, or sleeping is a great way to get your mind off of flying. There is no reason to worry, flying is the safest way to travel. You are going to be fine. -Megan

Answer #2

Make sure you take your disposable bag - don’t think you’re weak or anything, anyone who is a passenger will probably throw up when aerobatics are being done because the manuevers are sudden and unexpected - your body can’t anticipate / isn’t prepared - but really it’s no big deal, you’ll have the time of your life !!

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