Is it legal to carry prescribed medication gel aboard a plane to Thailand?

It is legal to carry prescribed medication gel/cream/liquid aboard a plane to Thailand? Is it legal or not? my doctor prescribed a special gel that I would need to use every day on my vacation in Thailand, and I need to know if i’d be able to have it in my backpack (carry-on luggage) that I will have with me on the plane at all times. I’m aware that the law says I can’t have more than 100ml of liquid onboard, my gel is 15g. Would it be fine?

Answer #1

it should be, it’s prescribed by a doctor so i don’t see why not.

Answer #2

Keep it with your personal items in your luggage, better pretense that way. They’ll think you’re up to no good if you look like you’re smuggling something :D

Answer #3

You should be fine. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with 15g of something similar to liquid.

Answer #4

How many ounces? But it should be fine to take onboard, its a medication.

Answer #5

I don’t think it’s a problem. But when in doubt, call your travel agency or your airline company and ask them. Before you set off to the aiport.

The airlines usually have info callcenters for questions about luggage and problematic items in your luggage as well as bringing medication accross borders. They might require you to bring a small package. Or to bring some paper from your doctor that says you really need the meds. Just call them. You get genuine info there.

Answer #6

I dont think it is. But to make sure you can contact the airport, and ask them about it (:

Answer #7

You will need to check each individual medication. There are prescription medications in the US that are illegal in other countries (and vice versa). If you take any medications illegal in a country you are visiting your doctor may be able to prescribe an alternative medication or if there is no alternative a letter from your doctor about your medical need for it on business letterhead may be sufficient for you to carry enough of the medication for your stay. Even if you use a pill caddy bring your meds in original containers so agents can confirm that you have a valid subscription for that medication. Generally the limits on the amount of liquid and gel you can carry on board do not apply to legitimate medications.

Answer #8

thanks guys :)

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