What is a testamony for church, i need help with ideas?

What is a testimony. I'm supposed to come up with one before my next youth group meeting at my church, but I don't fully understand it.

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A testimony is what one tells the other experiences that one has gone through telling the other people what God has done for them and the situation that they have come out of so what I would advice you to do think of something that God has done for you to empower someone else's life and to encourage other people in your youth that indeed God loves us so much. God bless you. Jixt

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If you are uncomfortable, just ask to pass for this time, with the explanation that you are very new to the faith, and need to listen for awhile, before you begin to know how to share, or something along those lines.

No one is intending to make you uncomfortable, and the more you are around other Christians, in this setting, the more comfortable you will be in speaking or sharing.

Not to worry. Be blessed... (((hugs)))

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But the thing is, is that I just started going to church, I've been before this my whole entire life,

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Its where you tell when you got saved and what all the Lord has done for you. its that simple. you just tell what h has brought you through like your troubles be how he has blessed you.

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You simply tell what God has done for you in your life and if you're saved, relate how that came about.

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