How old is Spongebob ?

Thr character, not the shoow.

Answer #1

My guess would be about 16 or 17. Considering that he tried getting his drivers permit a short while ago and attends high school. Of course I may be wrong considering he lives in Bikini Bottom and the law may me different there…Lol.

Answer #2

LOLOL. I didn’t know he goes to high school. D:

Answer #3

Lol.. I think I saw an episode with my kids once where his high school teacher gave him an essay to do for home

Answer #4

Noooooo thats his driving teacherrr, Ms Puffff. :D bahahha i have no life. xD

Answer #5

his birthday is on July 14th, 1986 which would make him 24 :)

Answer #6

in the episodes “Sleepy Time” and “No Free Rides” on the close up of his driving licence it shows you the date. but Stephen Hillenburg said he wanted the characters of the show to be ageless.

Answer #7

O.O Thats scary, thank youuu.:D

Answer #8


Answer #9

14 i think

Answer #10

Just be thankful it’s a kids show, originally it was supposed to be an adult show.

Answer #11

According to SpongeBob’s driver’s license, he was born July 14, 1986 :O but according to the shows creator spongebob is over 50 sponge years….

he has 374 ‘Best Employee Awards’ from the Krusty Krab He has also taken a driving test more than one million times In the episode “Party Pooper Pants,” one of Spongebob’s boating school classmates is shown to be married and owns a house; SpongeBob lives by himself

so yeah he is an old guy and totally nuts :O happy watching kids!

Answer #12

haha thats hilarious

Answer #13

yeah but it still has tons of dirty jokes :O

but youd have to be old enough to understand em XD

Answer #14

Yeah I think that’s why my dad always cracks up laughing when My little sister watches it lol

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