How do you dispose of old mercury thermostats?

We're upgrading the heating system in our house and getting new thermostats, but the old ones we have are the kind with mercury in them...where would I dispose of these safely (in Canada)?

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Ask the shop where they sells the new thermostats. They'll probably know.

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im sure there would be a collection agency.

when i was working on my mates garage converting it we had to get rid of asbestos and what i done was phone the local council and they gave me numbers of collectors and they wasnt cheap.

for a few slabs, teh cheapest i found was £700, £700 for 20 minutes work cus then had to be careful and came dressed in them space suits.

but yeah, there should be a number your local council can give you or in your yellow pages for an agency.

chemical disposal or summet id think it would come under :S

i wouldnt recommend handling them yourself cus if you drop one i dont know what youll be inhaling.

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There is an initiative underway to drop off these old thermostats. Hit up this website:, enter your postal code and you should find a drop off location closest to you. Good luck with the reno!

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