How would you survive,if there is no more Oil on Earth?

For me if there is no more Oil on Earth any more,then I would have too do the same things that people did back in the old days,like walking too places,hunting for my meet,and growing things,and the reson why I asked this question,because I was watching TV and I sou this show call No more Oil on the Earths Ground.

Answer #1

You are right though Ca33ie,I was thinking about that too.

Answer #2

Maybe nuclear or similar energy will be used, also electricity

Answer #3

I pretty sure are you people are on crack besides sweets if we had the techonology to use other power sources we would be using the right now because of all the libreals out there saying we’re causing global warming there idiots I no im going to get a lot of crap for that.

to my answer im sure we would crash and burn as a country then go invade other countries and take them over

Answer #4

People can already do oil based things using other means. Its just expensive. Like, we have cars run on air/water but they arent perfected yet and arent as effective as oil. I think, when oil runs out, people will just find other means.

Answer #5

well now we are more technologicly advanced we would more likley create a world that doesent need petrolium baced products anymore. instead we might create energy through sunlight, veggitable baced oils, water, wind ect..

Answer #6

WWOOOWW! good question! without oil, no more vehicles, no motorcycles, no bicycles, no machines, no gasoline, no flying in planes… We would have to get oil from food and animals in order for man kind to move on. If man kind survived Stone Age, then we’re capable to suriving without oil.

so if your saying 100% No oil on earth, we wouldn’t be alive right now. did you know that all of our plants creates coal and all of our animals creates oil over thousands and millions of years? look it up.. so im thinking that every living thing has oil, we’re already dead…

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