How do I put two LED's in my amplifier for my car's subwoofer?

I am trying to put LED’s in with my amplifier for my car’s subwoofer so they pulse with the bass. I have a predicament. I have two red T1 3/4” LEDs and they blow out so easily. I went to a website calculator and it said 120ohm resistor, so I connected all, and right when I bumped the bass, they blew out. Does anyone know the correct amount for the resistor?! I used 12v for positive energy, but recently found out it goes to about 16 for a started car. I recalculated and it said 560ohms. Am I talking gibberish!!? Sorry! :)

Answer #1

I’d just get LEDs that can handle more currents or I’d buy a kit because in the end a kit for it is a lot easier and generally more cost affective then buying all kinds of stuff trying to figure that all out.

Answer #2

I love messing with cars; this one jsut really stumped me! Haha. The resistors are only 99c for 5 and LED’s are 40 for $2.99. And I already have all of the other stuff, so I am in it for the long run!

Answer #3

Then just try and find something to handle the current.

Answer #4

Wrong. You will never find an LED with 1000w rated power.

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