Is it possible to prove that god *doesn't* exist?

Answer #1

God ofcourse does exists and you can see some proves around the world too. Who created you? Who created animals? Who created things that revoles around you? Ofcourse it is God ^^

Answer #2

{citation needed}

Answer #3

No not really. Nobody knows for sure if there’s really a god or higher being. It’s all based on beliefs. We won’t know for sure until we’re dead probably

Answer #4

what do you mean proof that God does not exist? How else would you explain the creation of earth? it certainly did not happen by chance. explain the question more….???

Answer #5

It’s hard and in most cases impossible to prove those kinds of things where people have their minds already made up on.

Answer #6

The Spagetti flying monster created the earth. Prove me wrong.

Answer #7

It’s impossible to prove either side of it, honestly. I suppose that’s why we all believe differently – there’s no proof. At least not in my opinion.

Answer #8

lol, it’s quite simple, I was thinking about this as I was looking over an atheistic argument posed to disprove god. I was thinking, well, if they keep saying god doesn’t exist, they don’t provide any viable proof, the only “proof” they have is the inconsistencies in scripture and in the poor depiction of “god” by it’s followers. That doesn’t exactly prove god isn’t there, same way scripture doesn’t prove god is real.

Answer #9

Sure!! Spagettis dont fly!!!

Answer #10

got a point there

Answer #11

rolls eyes (not at you my dear). No. Neither is it possible to prove the tooth fairy doesnt exist.

Answer #12

you’ve got a point Miguel. i guess its just all about what you believe in your heart.

Answer #13

The tooth fairy is real I swear! I asked her on a date myself :)

Answer #14

The tooth fairy doesnt exist?!?!?!? NUUU!!!! just kidding lol its just about what you believe in the heart, in my opinion. sometimes you dont need proof

Answer #15

she doesnt?

Answer #16

Alright… You can go look in this website called and….

here’s the quote from the holy book.

“”It is He who has made the sun a shining glory and the moon a light of beauty and has measured out their stages, that you might know the number of years and their reckoning.Allaah did not create this but in Truth. He explains His signs in detail for people who understand. [The Qur’aan 10:5]

Also, we can’t see him because he is very bright and he protected us from not seeing him so that our eyes won’t hurt or die. There’s a real story of the prophet too if you want to know.

Answer #17

Yeah you got a point, lol, I just hope “innocent” beliefs don’t end up being the main cause of chaos :)

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Answer #19

tht doesnt meen he exists

Answer #20

Sounds like more scripture to me. lol, I like how people perceive scripture as science when in reality, the gap between the actual science and scripture is so immense, there is virtually no way scripture can contain science. I can’t really call scripture fact since it’s written by man and man is not god last I checked.

Answer #21

Does that mean Santa doesn’t exist either? lol

Answer #22

both of them do.

Answer #23

I didnt say spagettis fly. I said it’s the spagetti flying monster. The monster flies. Prove that it didnt create the earth. And you were obviously looking at a very narrow argument of why people do not believe in a God. The most common basic argument is that there is no proof for a God. Just as they do not have to prove that the tooth fairy/easter bunny/santa claus dont exist, they dont feel the need to prove that God exists. People dont have to justify a lack of belief.

Answer #24

no its not possible to prove he does exist and its not possible to prove he doesnt well i take it back u might be able to prove he does cus i heard the bible has all that stuff in it but mabey the pple who wrote the bible are just lying

Answer #25

well the thing is, ppl say God spoke the words to the ppl writing the bible. but id rather not get in some religious fight with you guys…. waste of time

Answer #26

Shhh! Of course they exist! There are innocent kids on the site. Dont go ruining their innocence!

Answer #27

Umm you know im sure there is some kind of proof out there saying that Santa doesnt exist, considering he supposed to come thru the chimeny or whatever at night. but anyways, im not gonna fight. because to me God is more real than the sky and that is always how i will think. God created me, and when i die i will go see Him again. That is a definant fact to me, but others have different opinions which i respect

Answer #28

LOL ty, silly goose :P

Answer #29


Answer #30

I think my innocence was already ruined a long time ago so that doesn’t worry me lol

Answer #31

Uhhu… Well Santa is real, and so is the tooth fairy, and the spaghetti monster created god :)

Answer #32

The universe itself could be considered proof that God doesn’t exist. The wave function theory and the evidence supporting it seems to indicate the universe came into existence without a cause, i.e. the current universe had a high probability of existing by chance. If the universe exists due to reasons other than intelligent design, I’d say that is a strong indication there is no higher intelligence or “god”. Victor Stenger talks about this in an essay included in the book “Science and Religion”.

Answer #33

Interesting, thank you for noting that :)

Answer #34

Santa is magic. You cant disprove magic. By definition magic defies the laws of science. Oh, and I am simply pointing out that there is no proof. I actually happen to believe in God. I just accept that I may be delusional. But I’m ok with that.

Answer #35

and maybe our lives are complete illusions. God is my creator, that is how i will always think. and i enjoy spaghetti thank u very much, dont ruin it for me :)

Answer #36

No because He just might tell you otherwise and then what are you going to do? Contradict Him? (This happened to me by the way).

Answer #37

are u being serious??

Answer #38

And science go hand in hand. Proven science supports the Bible. The theory tries to do the opposite. Thus theory is stupid :)

Answer #39

Proper science and the Bible do not go hand in hand… I don’t know what science classes you’re taking. Give me an example of how proven science supports the Bible.

Answer #40

earths gravitatonal pull. the orbit system. The parting of the sea Just to list a few are all supporting of God and science. Matter of fact science disproves most of the petty theories:)

Answer #41

… What? I don’t really consider that proof of the Bible being right but to each their own I suppose…

Answer #42

dont get mad. But I believe it ISNT we wouldnt be here if it wernt for God. He is the creater we arent from apes as some people would like to think! Well please dont take offence im just stating my opinion.

Answer #43

Jesus_and_me….I am with you there I do believe GOD created the earth and all its amazing features & all. I am also not afraid to admit that HE created me and all of you!… I love him maybe to find the truth read the Bible you can find it almost anywhere goto a church,hotel room, etc. Just sayin

Answer #44

Matter of fact science disproves most of the petty theories:)

be religious if you must. but try not to sound completely ignorant. If science disproved a theory, it would no longer be a theory. Just a belief held by some people.

Answer #45

thanks yesiam…lol sorry i didnt see ur comment til now my alerts are always late

Answer #46

no. how would you do that anyway, when there is so much proof that He does exist?? just look around. everything you see, God created it. all your family, all your friends, everyone you dont like and dont talk to, and everyone else lol. i completely disagree with mr. religionisgood up there. he said that the world is proof that God doesnt exist? i say that the creation is the evidence and the evidence is the creation. miguel, the answer to your question is no. if it were yes, people would have found some way a long time ago. but they havent. they may think they have and fooled themselves and countless others, but there is always a hole in their theory for why God doesnt exist. bcuz you just cant prove it. but you can prove that He’s real.

Answer #47

Haha Jesus_and_me do you have a certain denomonation?

Answer #48

There a books called “study bibles” that mean to prove small things in the bible, things like the story of Noah’s Arc; there was a time when the entire world to each person was pretty much within a ten mile radius, rivers flood all the time, the Nile was a big flooder. Guess where the Jews were during a large portion of Old Testament times :O When the idea is a man in the sky, no one can see him in his true form, and when he’s heard it’s only to a few people at once, and never out loud because the glory of his voice would kill them, it’s a little difficult to prove or disprove. People live through their senses. Usually. Scripture was written by men who claimed to be inspired by God. Well, they’ve been dead for a while, we can’t exactly ask them if they made it all up, and even if we could, it’d still be impossible to know whether they were telling the truth. If you look deeply enough into it, the idea of God could be easily justified by a child psychologist with common sense. But faith isn’t said to be common sense, it, by definition, is “complete trust or confidence.” I could prove that God exists, but most believers wouldn’t like my argument.

Answer #49

“In my opinion” is the key phrase there. Opinion, speculation, unproved claims shouldn’t count in arguments like this, but if they didn’t, then the entirety of the “Religion” argument would be irrelevant.

Answer #50

denomonation?? i shall google that large word…. one second….. umm do u mean do i have some kind of religious group that i hang out with?? i go to private school right now, so i guess…..

Answer #51

Well the evolution theory is constantly disproved but still held as a theory. Just a name u know. And it doesn’t prove the Bible so much as it does that a God is there

Answer #52

How is the evolution theory being disproved? Last I recall, almost all of the science agree that it isn’t just a theory, it’s more then that.

Answer #53

Things from the bible have been proven contraditing &/or false so if you’re talking about the biblical God, perhaps it is if one honstly believed he wrote the bible

Answer #54

Romans 14:11 For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.

Answer #55

man its pretty much a belief.. if u belive in god u belive in god.,. if u dont u dont// thts how it goes i think

Answer #56

…. Wait… THE TOOTH FAIRY ISN’T REAL?! o.o And Santa? D: No way. ;-; They’re both real!! >< My mommy tells me so. =\

Answer #57

This is an extremely touchy subject, all most evidence in itself both supports and denounces both theories. For example, the fact that all organisms, from as complex as a human to as simple as am amoeba, all use the same system of DNA, that is, all genetic material known of in the world is transcribed in the TCGA format, which is a huge chip on evolution’s shoulder. However, DNA is such a complex system in itself, even for an amoeba, that the odds of not only life, but intelligent, complex life that reproduced with some other method than cell division is preposterous to assume it was all from chance. Also, for all of the prerequisites for conception to all occur, many researchers believe it’s a miracle in itself that we can reproduce at all.

Answer #58

BRAINS! Exciting. I think that our complexity is an argument for the scientific side of things. The thought that a being sat down (or whatever it is that such beings do) and thought through all of the things that happen on earth, down to every cell organelle and membrane, is insane. It might seem like a miracle, but it all really is too intricate and connected to have been planned.

Answer #59

dont say that,so why we,santa doesnt exist how do you explain the gifts in the room,lol jkjk

Answer #60

Not this “look around you, everything is evidence for MY GOD”, no it’s not. That can be evidence some aliens got bored & created us, that could be used or ANY creation story, INCLUDING ancient Rome, Norse, Greece, etc, etc. The thing about evidence, is it has to be DISTINCT for what you’re trying to prove. Evidence for one story cannot support multiple other stories as well, otherwise it’s not distinct evidence for that distinct claims in which is falls flat. Fail Another thing, everything around us can be explained through science. Oh, here’s something to think about, when microscope enough, everything is pixolized, so we can be some kind of digital creation, like a movie or video game. I’m not saying we are so I bare no burden of proof, just through some food for thought out there. However, if just like you’re theory, you say it cannot be proven, I say prove me wrong. Blh, i shouldn’t try typing this late without spell check -_-

Answer #61

You can’t prove a negative… which is pretty much the reason that solipsism is alive and kicking after all these years… the only fact that is deducible logically is that your mind exists and is subjectively observed independently of all the information it gathers as it is the information gatherer. You can reasonably assume that other things or beings exist separately… but their existence is impossible to prove.

As for wave functions… this was proven with the double slit experiment and was the nail in the coffin for determinism. All things extant in this reality exhibit the corporal qualities of waves until the function is collapsed by an observer… pinpointing the thing to a fixed time and place. Determinism is the countervailing philosphy of free volition. If anything… the proof of a wave function validates free will… and the only god it could disprove is the deity of the fatalists. That’s the only way one can disprove “god”… assign some value to said “god” and then disprove that value… but in the end you’ve only disproved the interpretation. The wave function can be used to argue that an infinite amount of realities exist… therefore the reality that you or I am experiencing subjectively of one another was bound to exist at some point… this is a take on the infinite worlds theory… but then the infinite mes and yous would have to mesh together to know.

Point is… negatives can’t be proven… be wary of the arguments of those positing them. The ultimate reality is an enigma. Solipsism mocks mankind… we cannot prove that those things which we interact with daily ultimately exist… how can we make assumptions on those things outside the bounds of sensation?

The only problem I have is that I find it inconsistent to apply causality to everything we know… until we get to the chasm separating current knowledge from the unknown… and then rubberstamping everything on the other side acausal and calling it a day.

But who knows?.. answer… no fu@king body.

Answer #62

great question…i think about as hard as it is to prove He does!!

Answer #63

also how bout the thought that it may be because of him that we have all the above..including.the ability to think!!

Answer #64

the thing is…man was not made Gods image….MAN made God in his image…it’s all a matter of mind..everyone needs SOMETHING to believe in & if the something is a higher power whose to say they are wrong…if believing gives us peace of mind or for all intent purposes makes us a better person then so be it!! i pray to God all the time.& i feel that they are ALL answered…maybe not how i want them to be but nevertheless they are answered… & ohhh have i mentioned i am not a religious person… i am however spiritual… & really when you think of it ….positive thinking is the same thing!

Answer #65

O_o…I thought that was “simplychallenging” at first…they have the same picture…

Answer #66

you can read the bible 1,000,000,000 times & get a different meaning every time ….you get out of it what you need!

Answer #67

and bam…just like that. a huge arguement

Answer #68

no, it is not able to prove. it is our faith that tells us wether God exists or not. it isnt possible to prove he does, or doesnt exist. its all in what you believe nd no matter what anyway says it will always be just that,

Answer #69

It is impossible to prove the god DOES or doesnt exist because there will always be an argument/reason to back up what that person believes.

Answer #70

i can’t prove that he dose or dosen’t exist… but what i can tell you is that i BELIEVE he exists. (as Nikki has mentioned) but here’s what struct me.. to BELIVING there is a God.

now take a rock for example if you were to see it out on the road, you wouldn’t care much of it’s being… BUT take a watch for example… it functions well and perfect… so you’d wonder how it got there? right? when you open it up to discover how it functions, your sorta puzzled by it’s creation and how complex it looks on the inside. right? ofcourse going back to the begining, it’s obvious to say the there’s an intelligent watch maker who made the watch in the first place!

now lets go to nature and us humans… look at us, open and cut us up… aren’t we as complex as the inside of a watch… (perhapse even more complex) we’re made down to the tinyest detail (our bones and mucles, how our brain functions, how we’re made of cells) sure it’s a part of science (so you’d say) but US HUMANS created science (since we were curious how we function) NOT GOD… something else created us… just like the watch. we were created by an intelligent maker of a higher power… now i’m not saying it’s God, but why can’t it be?

see to me i find it more POSSIBLE to prove there is a God (or a higher power if that floats your boat more) rather that saying there isn’t a God!

Answer #71

Oh, they’ve been a cause of chaos plenty of times before. Crusades?

Answer #72

You just disproved your own logic. If you could prove that God’s real, then it would’ve been done “a long time ago.”

Answer #73

A sad Life for me if My God Didnt exist. Also I believe humanity would not be here right now without a God.

Answer #74

God Does Excist. but there are to many that say that are “Gods”

Answer #75

Well being raisend in a strict catholic school i learned to defend god: 1,The universe was created by the big bang which happend when chemicals mixed but who put the chemicals there and who created the chemicals. 2,Explain all the miracles that happen on a regular basis at the worlds holiest place Lourdes? 3,If evolution happend then why do apes,our closest relatives still exist?And apes DNA is close to ours but DNA is a genetic code that defines carateristics so apes may have caracteristics that match humans but it doesn’t mean they’re related. Example:Israelis have carateristics that match some Arabs,but they’re not related. 5,Evolution is just a theory not a fact,that’s why we say the theory of evolution. 6,In the Bible,Torah and Qu’ran it mentions Salomons palace which has been located in the middle east,arkeologists have found what appears to be it. 7,Can 1,5 billion muslims,2,6 billion christians and 15 million jews be wrong?

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