Is there actual scientific proof that god does not exist?

Let me make this clear! I do not want theory or conjecture!!! I want to know only if you have absolute proof that god does not exist. I see all of these answers where people have stated that science hasn’t proved that he does exist, but I have not seen one single answer that says that science can prove that he doesn’t exist.

Furthermore, they have found proof for many of the stories in the bible. I.e. Fish bones in the tops of mountains(noah and the ark), wagon wheels at the bottom of the red sea(moses and the exodus from egypt). I see people refute this evidence. I want an answer as to why. Scientifiaclly speaking. I also would like documentation if you have it.

Answer #1

No such proof exists.

Answer #2

there is proof

Nothing finite can be infinite (eternal). Since the universe is made of finite things (matter, time, space), it therefor must be created by something without time (timeless), thus making it eternal. If it is eternal, it must be infinite, and if its the Creator, it must be God.

The universe changes, and time is the measure of change. How many changes have happened before right now? If you claim an infinite number of changes (which is impossible because you can not have an infinite amount of finite things), it is a logically impossible to conclude we could ever have reached this moment in time. In a world of cause and effect (which we live in), there can not be an infinite regress (an infinite amount of cause and effect reactions to get to a certain cause).

Allow me to rephrase. Imagine that the Earth orbits the sun every 365 days (it does). Now, on Mars, a year is much longer than an Earth year, being 687 Earth days (basically double). So, for every 2 years of Mars, Earth has circled the sun approximately 4 times. Now, imagine that this has been going on for eternity. By your logic, they would both have circled the sun the exact same amount of times, because its been going on forever (this is clearly impossible). This shows the impossibility of an infinite regress, whereby there could not have been an infinite amount of (x) before right now, in a finite universe based on time.

Now, back to God. God exists outside of time, in Eternity. God created time, and time is irrelevant to Him. God is Eternal, not created. Firstly, you have 2 choices; either everything came from nothing (which is impossible), or something always existed and created us. You have no other choice. Take a moment to think about that, remembering that it can not exist in time, that would be impossible. Time can not be eternal.

This thing that always existed would be considered Eternal, having transcended time, space, and matter, being everlasting, having always existed. If you argue this is impossible, I would argue the contrary; it is impossible for this Eternal ‘thing’ to not exist, because the alternative is that nothing existed, which could only produce nothing. So, something always existed, and is therefor Eternal.

Now, for something to be Eternal, it can not consist of time, because time must have had a beginning. We exist in a universe of causality, so an infinite regress is impossible; there could not have been an infinite amount of time before right now, because we never would have reached this moment in time. That means time had a beginning, and whatever created time exists without time, beyond time, in timelessness; Eternity.

So, this Eternal Creator, created time, and the universe. This Eternal Creator clearly is extremely powerful, because the energy of the trillions of stars in the known universe were created by this Creator. And obviously, the Creator is extremely intelligent, having created an intelligent being such as mankind and a world in which to populate with it.

Answer #3

“I did not become a Christian because I am gullible as you seem to assume”

I don’t think you’re gullible. I think you’re basing many of your conclusions on sources that are biased to only one side. I’m simply suggesting you explore sources from other sides.

“What I am saying is, if you don’t have 100% proof that He does not exist, why do you keep saying He doesn’t?”

God’s existence is not obvious to anyone, Christian or otherwise. And it’s not inherent knowledge. Christians and other theists make a conscious decision at some point in their lives to believe that God exists based on their own reasons and experiences. Therefore, everybody, including you, requires some sort of proof that God exists. The only difference between us is that your requirements for proof of God’s existence have been met; mine have not.

“ You believe something without having proof and documentation!!! “

No, actually documentation is something I require before I believe something, which is why I accept the Big Bang and evolution as explanations of the origin of the universe and life. They have both accumulated a wealth of documentation.

“The histories that correspond with it. The stories that have been proven true.”

Some of the history in the Bible is true, such as the rule of a king named David over Israel, the Assyrian siege of Jerusalem, and the census of the Roman Empire under Caesar during Herod’s reign. Other stories in the Bible have absolutely no proof whatsoever, such as Noah’s Ark, Moses 12 plagues, and the miracles of Jesus.

Answer #4

The Universe is not eternal. It had a beginning. The Universe always existing is not scientific. Matter, time, and space are finite and had a beginning. The Universe is dependent on time. Einstein showed that time and space are manifestations of the same thing; spacetime. Spacetime is finite and had a beginning. Time is dependent upon space and cannot be separated from it. Similarly, space cannot exist without time. Time is essential to measure anything. Without it, space cannot be measured, and cannot exist. Because spacetime is finite matter itself also has to be finite. Einstein showed that matter is a manifestation of energy. Without space there would be nowhere for energy to manifest into matter. Without time, when do you put matter? Matter, time, space, and energy are all dependent upon each other. The Universe could not have existed without time. This throws off the Universe existing as a singularity. The Universe had to have had a beginning because time had a beginning. The Universe could not have come about by itself. It had to be created.

In advance of matter and spacetime there was nothing. How can something come from nothing? There is absolutely no way. Something had to have existed prior to matter and spacetime. This something can only be God. Was there a point in time when he was created? Time began a finite amount of time ago. Prior to the beginning of time there was nothingness. There was no time. God existed prior to time. Therefore, there was never a point in time when he was created. He always existed. He exists outside of time and is eternal. God is not limited to matter and spacetime because he created these things. He is not bound by the Laws of Physics. He is all powerful. Because God is not consisted of matter he is immaterial. He cannot be seen, touched, tasted, or smelled. Because he is not limited to space he is omnipresent. Finally, because God exists outside of time he is eternal. He sees the past, present, and future at the same instant. Also, God can never be measured or proven scientifically because he is not consisted of matter and spacetime. You cannot understand God with science. The only way you can know God is by believing in him with your heart and soul. You must have faith in him.

Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:3 By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.

Answer #5

The thing you may be missing is that I did not grow up Christian. I have been searching for answers on my own since I was twelve. I did not become a Christian because I am gullible as you seem to assume. What I am saying is, if you don’t have 100% proof that He does not exist, why do you keep saying He doesn’t? Do you take it on faith?

There was a point to the question. You believe something without having proof and documentation!!! I believe something without proof or documentation!!! We are not all that different. THIS IS MY POINT!!! Instead of always fighting shouldn’t we start looking for ACTUAL PROOF before we attack each other.

What I take for truth and proof is the knowledge in the Bible. The documentation. The histories that correspond with it. The stories that have been proven true. I will look up those sites. Thank you for giving them to me.

Answer #6

“I state again, I am looking for proof, not conjecture. I want documentation not opinion.”

Why would you demand that we not give conjecture, and then refer us to this website which is based almost entirely on conjecture? Take this article: There is not a shred of evidence anywhere in there, just a bunch of rambling about God’s place in the timeline and how many dimensions he must exist in. The author failed to refute a single “proof”. The reason his explanations are so inadequate is because he already expects the reader to have his point of view, rather than complete doubt in God’s existence and the Bible’s accuracy. Most of the other articles I looked at on that site are equally worthless. The failure to grasp the astrophysics of the Big Bang was obvious from the start.

“Until you can prove to me and I have concrete evidence to look at, the only thing I see is someone still looking for the answers.”

And what is wrong with looking for answers? And still looking? And then looking some more? It’s the quest for answers that has made the world you live in. Why do we have to decide right here, right now, if God does or doesn’t exist?

“I have found more proofs for what is in the bible than I imagined possible.”

Why don’t you check out some websites authored by people who are atheist and agnostic? Why don’t you check out this website: which not only gives good explanations about evolution and the Big Bang, but also pokes tons of holes in the Noah’s Ark story.
Or this website: which asks a lot of great questions about Bible prophecies and the existence of God.
Why don’t you do a little research on all points of view rather than just the ones that support a predetermined conclusion?

“They found chariot wheels and other things as well. Google it.”

First of all, the story in the Bible isn’t referring to the Red Sea. It’s referring to the Sea of Reeds. The phrase in Hebrew is Yam Suph. The Sea of Reeds is essentially a swamp, and it’s located to the north of the modern day Red Sea. Google that.

So, finding chariot parts in the Red Sea means absolutely nothing. And either way, it takes a lot of the drama out of the story. Obviously, a chariot army would have great difficulty crossing marshland. If the story really did happen, the Israelites probably claimed later that God delivered them, even though it was really nature vs. man.

Answer #7
Answer #8

jolap: It’s generally bad etiquette to copy-and-paste the same answer to multiple questions.

Answer #9

* theres no proof of evolution either, so cram it evolutionists

…at least you didn’t spell it ‘evilutionists’, as you lovingly told us to ‘cram it’. Jesus is so proud of you right now. You’re behaving exactly the way he wanted you to.

Answer #10

The stupidity of this question is overwhelming. One cannot prove a negative. You can not prove something doesn’t exist. Prove to me santa doesn’t exist and I will prove to god doesn’t exist.

The burden of proof is those who believe, not those who don’t.

Do you have proof he does exist?

Answer #11

there is no proof… you have proof disproving the bible and other holy books because these books were written by people and therefore have mistakes in them, and you have proof that disproves religious theories (again for the same reason) but you cannot actually disprove God.

Answer #12

torikeene: If you don’t have 100% proof that Vishnu doesn’t exist, why do you believe He doesn’t? On a more ridiculous note, if you don’t have 100% proof that there are no teapots orbiting mars, why don’t you give that the same credence you do belief in god?

Not believing something exists “without proof or documentation” is not silly - otherwise we’d believe every unsubstantiated rumor we’ve ever heard. You seem very selective about what unsubstantiated things you believe in, however, so clearly even you don’t actually believe that anything with no disproof must be true.

Answer #13

No, there is no actual scientific proof that god does not exist. There’s also no actual scientifici proof that leprechauns, unicorns, and the boogeyman do not exist.

Answer #14

I think god made it a point not to leave cold hard evidence of his being because otherwise there would be no need for faith… Im not religious but thats what any religious person would say… some scientists say that god is the catalyst that started the big bang since that started everything

Answer #15

there is no scientific proof that god does not exist but then again, how do you develop proof or evidince for something that never existed? a better way to put it is… there is NO scientific proof that “god” ever did exist.

Answer #16

because hes made up…there is no proof of something thats made up FIRST you need to go and find all this “proof” of “god” you seem to be talking about…there is none, there no proof he dosnt exist because theres no proof that he does exist…there is is…no proof. so those who choose to beieive in something made up by people many years ago can, and those who dont wish to follow the herd dont.

Answer #17

I state again, I am looking for proof, not conjecture. I want documentation not opinion. PROVE IT TO ME WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT. Until you can prove to me and I have concrete evidence to look at, the only thing I see is someone still looking for the answers. Instead of evading the question, look it up. Try to find out if there IS proof. I can tell you already because I have spent the past few days searching. I have found more proofs for what is in the bible than I imagined possible.

Oh. and by the way, it wasn’t just chariot tracks. They found chariot wheels and other things as well. Google it.

Answer #18

I just found a very interesting site

They have tons of information there from scientific explanations of the big bang theory to bible prophecy, and give some concrete evidence about questions I personally have had for years. It’s going to take forever to read all of it but it’s great!

Answer #19

I cannot seem to find it with the words written rather than spoken. Do you know of one with captions at the bottom? Can you get me the link?

Answer #20

yes look up the movie zeitgiest…I dont know if thats how you would speel it but it has really good proof about jesus bein a symbol of stars and other gods came to be just like the bible said jesus did… so give it a try watch the whole thing you will be very intrested in facts o nthe movie…

Answer #21

The word ‘god’ is too vague to be able to disprove without first narrowing down what the word means.

In regards to the wagon wheel comment, it simply isn’t true. Ron Wyatt photographed a few calcite formations that looked sort of wheel shaped when viewed at just the right angle, and claimed they were chariot wheels. This is absurd beyond all belief. If god had actually parted the red sea, and the Egyptian army went through it only to be covered back up by the water, and all this happened thousands of years ago, there would not be chariot wheels still sticking out of the sand. They would have rotted away thousands of years ago and be covered with sediment as well.

Please use a modicum of common sense when reviewing these ‘proofs’.

Answer #22

There will be no such proof, as it is not possible. There will however, be all kinds of proof in the opposite direction.

God said in his word, that the evidence is all around us, that that we have no basis for our unbelief, other than the fact that we choose to.

Answer #23

tori, yes, if you google chariot wheels and red sea, you will find lots of links with pictures of wheels and such…all derived from Ron Wyatt’s unsubstantiated and fraudulent claims.

On the day credible sources are able to replicate Ron Wyatt’s chariot wheel findings, we would then have strong evidence of chariot wheels in the Red Sea. As of today, we don’t even have that.

Answer #24

Too long to post here - This essay claims to provide a scientific explanation as to why you should believe that God does not exist.

Not my personal essay or opinion, but I hope this gives you what you’re looking for.

Remember, however, that the monotheistic ideal of God is a divine entity that is supposed to be beyond science, beyond reason, and beyond human understanding. If you go looking for human answers to divine questions, you will only reap disappointment.

Answer #25

you cant bring scientific proof up against something that is scientifically impossible

but there is a staggering amount of historical evidence against the bible,gods,and such…

Answer #26

You will find science and philosophy strange bedfellows. You have a mind capable of perception outside of the tangible. What is reality? Am I not the imagination of myself? Faith is dissolved by proof. Proof is independant of faith. Life is possibility. Schrodinger’s box is better left closed.

Answer #27

Woops wrong category

Answer #28

Very very well put, semi1900.

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