Can I plug an amp into my car's subwoofer cables/wiring?

My new car (asdfghjkl!!!) is wired for a sub, do I have to buy a special thingy or can I use a guitar amplifier and somehow plug that into the wiring? If so, how?

Answer #1

You can’t use a guitar amp for your car. They make an amp for a car audio system. Depending on your car, you may have to buy a wiring harness or an adapter for it.

Answer #2

if the sub is, for argument sake 500w then you really would want a 500w amp cus if you have a 600w amp you risk blowing the sub.

what do you mean by its wired up ready?

i reason i ask is because a 500w amp will need a special wire.. a 100w would need a different wire to teh 500w etc etc.

i bought my sub and amp together so i had all teh correct types of wire.

if the wire isnt powerfull enough to run an amp then your stuck and i also think that if teh wire is too powerful you risk blowing it.

im not sure renee, sorry, who am i kidding, i dont have a bloody clue but i do know how to fit them lol

Answer #3

You would need an inverter to convert the 12v DC auto electrical system to 120v AC for your guitar amp and if your guitar amp requires more power than your cigar lighter/accessory plug can supply it would have to be permanently wired into your car. There really are better and easier ways to get amplification for your sub-woofer. You should have a knowledgable person look at your setup or use one of the on-line dealers that can give you advice for your particular model and year of car.

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