What is a car wire harness?

Can anyone explain to me in simple terms how this works inside a car i..e what it’s purpose is. I have already guessed,but I am not sure.

Answer #1

I think it has something to do with audio in ur car, try car wire harness dot com thrs more info thr

Answer #2

A car has various wiring circuits including the lighting, the ignition circuits, the audio circuits etc..

The term “harness” can refer to the whole composite lot of the wiring as installed at manufacture - sometimes illustrated diagramatically as a formalized set of electrical circuit diagrams, and sometimes illustrated as a physical layout diagram - as though having been extracted from the physical structure of the car. . The term is also used to describe individual parts of the electrical circuit as a whole, e.g. as in the term “audio wiring harness”. The term harness itself implies the terminal blocks, plugs, sockets and cable-forms that constrain and protect the individual insulated conductors that are colour-coded for identification purposes. . Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #3

A car wiring harness is: a bunch of wires that are all in one tube and has a bunch of different connector ends. One end connects to the fuse box while the multi ends attches to all the different electrical things in the car like the lights, power windows, etc.

I hope that made sense! : )

Answer #4

They are evil, if you ever had one burn up on you, I would never wish rewiring a car on anyone.

Answer #5

A wiring harness is a versatile tool that can be used for several different things. Most of the time, it’s used in automobiles (commercial vehicles, two wheelers and three wheelers, multi utility vehicles, farm, material handling equipment, off-road vehicles, etc…) They can be used for ignition systems, battery cables, AC, etc… in automobiles. They’re very durable, and usually made from the finest grade of materials.

It’s basically a string of cables and/or wires that transmit signals or energy. They are bound together by clamps, cable ties, cable lacing, sleeves, electrical tape, etc…

They are used as cost effective solutions to all kinds of electrical needs in automobiles. Power windows, horn connectors, dimmer switch connectors, power door locks, circuit breaker for headlights, backup lights, ignition switch connectors, cigarette lighter, engine fan, radio battery, wipers, brake lights, etc…

Here are a couple of pages you may find helpful: http://funadvice.com/r/bgpoaevl4a5 http://funadvice.com/r/14s5k7soic3

Answer #6

One of my friends loves working on auto-electrics. Personally I have little enthusiasm for working on car electrics, but he frequently ropes me into helping him sort out the more intractable problems because I know rather more about electrical and electronic technology and have all the tools and equipment to do the work (maybe I should just give him my stuff and save myself some of the trouble). Yesterday we spent an hour on the electrics of a little quad bike that he had picked up for next to nothing - we got it going again no sweat.

Answer #7

Well when I was 17 I have a small wiring fire under the hood of a 82 Blazer I had, it took me a week to clean that up and rewire it, and that did not have near the wiring as today’s cars do.

Answer #8

Basically all the wires grouped together connecting the electronics.

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