Does this phrase make sense?

‘Awfully hazy’, does it make sense? Is it describing something as really vague or something..?

Answer #1

haha ive heard that before and i didnt get it…. just another stupid analogy

Answer #2

I guess awfully, as in alot ? like it was REALLY hazy?

Answer #3

but ppl say that to describe things like a person or something… i dnt get it

Answer #4

thats awful, not awfully.

Answer #5

haha nooooo the whole PHRASE is like a description for something. like i heard this dude say, “ur awfully hazy today”… what’s that mean?

Answer #6

it means really confusing or very hard to understand. Like when i girl looks at you in disgust and the smiles and kisses you but then she looks at you again kind of sad. Her mixed signals are awfully hazy.

Answer #7

As far as I know it means that you aren’t completely making sense. Like your not all the way there whether you are just out of it or sleepy or something like that.

Answer #8

yes. What doesnt make sense about it? Like you said, it means very vague

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