How could I make this make sense if it doesnt already?

“Elude may be blocked…” Elude means to escape physically or mentally, in this case, physically. Does it make sense? If not what word can I use in place of “elude” other than “escape”?

Answer #1

You could try “evade” or “evasion”?

Answer #2

dodge? shun?

Answer #3

Example.. “Evasion may be blocked..”

Answer #4

Elude means more like “avoid”…”To elude the police.”…So, I am not sure if that makes sense. :( I don’t know any other word besides escape, or exit. Sorry.

Answer #5

evasion sounds right.

Answer #6

I don’t think it sounds right because you’re not identifying what it is you are eluding. Since elude is a verb, it needs something to perform it, an action doesn’t just happen on it’s own. Maybe you can add more to the line instead of taking out the word entirely? :)

Answer #7

Flight, getaway, breakout, circumvention, departure, dodging, elusion, evasion, evasiveness, extrication, elopement, avoidance.

Answer #8

I’ll post the poem when i’m done, then you’ll see.

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