Does this sentence make sense: "Someone in whom's dreams you will always be"?

I’m writing a poem for a friend, and I don’t know if this would make sense:

“Someone in whom’s dreams you will always be.”

I remember hearing some weird rule about who and whom, and I have no idea if I’m doing this right… :/ Help please? D:

Answer #1

Yes, i think those are such beautiful words !

Answer #2

Haha, thank you very much :) But do you know if “whom’s” is a word? Or does “whose” make more sense? :o

Answer #3

No problem !, i think whose fits best (:

Answer #4

I don’t think “whom’s” exists as a usable word. I know by the rule that “whose” is the term to use here.

Answer #5

Whom’s does not exist. Whom is more like a pronoun, sort of like ‘her’, ‘him. Whose is a possessive pronoun which is like ‘his’, her, ‘our’. So in this case, ‘whose’ works not ‘whom’ or ‘whom’s’ (which doesn’t exist).

Answer #6

Also, I suggest you move the “in” to the end. Like this: “Someone whose dreams you will always be in.”

Answer #7

Moving “in” to the end would be typical of ordinary conversational speech. Leaving it where it is would be grammatically correct for more formal writing. In poetry, neither of those “rules” matters a whit. The preferable word order may be the one that gives the desired shade of emphasis or meaning, or it may be determined by how it sounds when read aloud - rhyme, rhythm, etc.

Answer #8

why in dreams is she married to someone

Answer #9

I’m uncertain, but probably would be incorrect if graded by a teacher.

Answer #10

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