Does this poem make sense?

Burn the midnight oil the night sky is a lucid beauty the fire stars burn it black like liquid It is divine it is true beauty it is what we see my sky, my sky big and wide and vast makes me want to cry makes me breathe like my soul just died and was reborn better more alive this true amazing and indescribable thing is my life my life made up of little moments all mini epiphanies a scream of beautiful awe like no other ache I want you to know and experience this feeling it is as if God himself has shown you this beauty the love of the world the love of life makes me almost die if I died today I’d die of happiness. I’d die with a smile and a tear, I’d have no fear, knowing what I did was enough I need not be worried of what is after for when my time comes I will know what I did in life was good and beautiful and made a difference, however small, it did something unique it was something shining like the light of a soul whose body is oblivious, they are unknowing of their power. my blithe and bearing on the world’s shoulder, my inhabitance of Earth my importance to show I will speak my truth and let them know They love and are loved this world and place drowned in it like an ocean of joy and tears and screams the room of people all together in one mess of beauty of terror of the painful truth that what they had before is no comparison to what they have now they sacrificed it all to receive something better the true gagging crying mess the sweetness of the fruit of life takes me away makes me want to stay makes me want to give to someone else what was given to me. I need nothing I need no one I need only to share what I have today. This life is a game that I played well After winning big I want to show them the road. It is a dark ancient road of concrete and beauty pure liquid from the lake I grew up around drinking the memory and moving forward the people behind me have trust and faith they know who speaks truth and who preaches lies the crying agony and overwhelming happiness the power of emotion that makes me sing makes me explode and fire turns to gold my fire passion to a heart of gold glorify me God make me speak and say what I need for I haven’t got the words to do this deed. Tell me the life God Tell me what I experience give me the right words so they will see also. Child, my innocent child, so full of joy, you were once different, and now you have seen it truly. If you say to them simply, what happened to you, say it the way you believe and know and they will know too, they will be happy too. Love the world and spread your compassion hug the people and cry out your emotion it is greater than seems humanly possible at this moment you shine and at this moment share this painful happiness share the cries and share the sorrow, show them what they have missed and what they could get. what they can be how they could see what life was truly set out to be. Colors of the light colors of the soul spirit of the soft and spirit of the old. You are thine eye, divinity is your true person, your true place, soul, face, don’t breathe hate fall heal cry laugh just be.

Answer #1

long but its really good

Answer #2

To long for me. I think its good but long. I like the poem Daffodils though. Just to let you know

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