Any ideas for a car for a college student

I am looking for a car now! I am a college student who travels back and forth from nyc to nc. I need a nice size car because I have a lot of stuff. I wanted a suv but now that the gas prices went up I don’t know what should I get. Any ideas???

Answer #1

A couple of good cars at low cost are the toyota camry/corolla, the honda civic, and the nissan altima. Good gas mileage, reliable, pretty spacious.

Answer #2

get a honda crv. lots of space, yet decent mileage. my buddy gets like 25 miles to the gallon in his. get one that’s a few years old, like a 2000 or something. 100,000 miles or less. should cost around $6500.00. best of luck, my friend. go live the dream.

Answer #3

If I were you,Id start out with a used car thats in good condition. That way your not spending a whole lot,and you can pay for gas and stuff better. And then once you graduate college you can get a nice new car. :]

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