Why do people love to watch sports and cheer for people they do not know?

I can understand playing a sport, and having a good time, or watching someone you directly know like you child play soccer, but watching grow men and women that have no connection or interest in you, I have never got.

Answer #1

Neither have I, stupid american pigs. :D

Answer #2

I think it has alot to do with both self fullfilment and socializing. Alot of people take sports personally and when their team wins they feel accomplished and like they have gained something through that teams victory. Ever notice how a die hard sportsfans mood is directly affected by whether their team wins or looses? Its almost as if some people live through the players and their accomplishments if they are lacking things in their own lives. Other reasons i feel include socializing, since getting together to watch sports and have parties is very popular.

Answer #3

Well if your around other people, people try to act cool and fit in with everyone else who is also cheering! thats at least what i think

Answer #4

I noticed that people who do not understand sports do not like to watch them. I love watching sports, especially cricket with my boyfriend. It’s another thing that we have in common and it is great for socialising. But Then again I do get your point. I have never gotten why people dress up in fancy clothes to go eat, but it is probably the same principles? We do it for the company, the socializing and also maybe we look up to those people in a way.

Answer #5

Yes I really fill this is no way to fulfill a emptiness has have due to the lack of success you have had in your life and yes I do socialize and have parties without sports there and they have done just fine.

Answer #6

Cool a world full of followers, got to love it..

Answer #7

Well I would have to say this is wrong, I have played football, and my son plays soccer and football. While I live to go watch my son play, I have never turn on a sports game in my house. I find it very boring, to watch guys run back and forth on a open field chasing a ball.

Answer #8

This a little to far, also this is not limited to the US, I have been in Germany and saw people almost riot after a game.

Answer #9

we don’t we just support our home team and just because yall don’t have international sports whatever country ur from don’t talk down on america you bitch

Answer #10

U got that right lol, I like leaders, and I don’t like to follow, I have my own mind for a reason

Answer #11

They just do it for entertaiment, so they have fun, and simply so they can hang out with their friends and things like that. I cant really think of any other reason, people can be plain out wierd and intresting.

Answer #12

Well the person who asked the question lives in the USA, and I have just never figured out why people waste their time with this, time it limited and we are only on this earth for a short time, watching sports and living through others seems counterproductive.

Answer #13

Then you are the exception. Most of my friends who do not understand why people like watching sports do not understand it. I suppose it comes down to taste. I for one cannot understand why people go out dancing and drinking. I find that it looks strange and being drunk is boring.

Answer #14

It occurs all over the world. In my country people also go mad and will even sometimes hit each other over a team or teams.

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Answer #16

I kinda never understood it either, the only time I ever watch sports is when that really important one is going on, I forgot the name of it… I mean, wouldn’t you much rather go out and play instead of watching people play…?

Answer #17

they either think they are hot good looking or try to act like they know what their doing by cheering for someone they don’t know to impress someone else

Answer #18

well we work and have other duties and activities like boxing football and basketball and making money of our own so if we wanna root for our team so be it don’t hate on my country playa

Answer #19

well i know one thing, is people with “role models” as in when the kids are growing up, and learning how to play sports they can watch star athletes and have a goal to be like them. or even learn from watching. i know when i started to get into sports, watching them helped me learn how to play even better. oh the other hand, sports is a way of life almost. sports is a get away from problems. just like music or any other stress reliever. people don’t want to constantly be reminded that our lives are hell and that the world is not doing so well right now, and watching sports they don’t hear bad things. sports are just about sports nothing else.

Answer #20

I support Newcastle United up here football is a religion and to us we couldn’t care less who the footballers are just as long as they win! I think in sports people “cheer” or sing (which is what I do) to create an atmosphere which feels really awesome!

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