Is Nascar really a sport?

I have been arguing with a partner of mine that Nascar is NOT a sport. He says that it most definitely is and he keeps on about talent and whatnot. I know people that commute longer than some of those races and I think that those Nascar drivers don’t look like athletes. Is there some sort of Steroid check for them? Do that many people really watch Nascar?

Answer #1

Yes-Nascar is probably one of the most popular sports in the US just as the formula one racing is huge in europe. Yes it is a sport- they are driving on your “commute” at 150mph on up. And Yes, I do think that when your life hangs in the balance it should be considered a “sport”.

Answer #2

NASCAR is my favorite sport. I talk about this a lot. The drives get checked a lot for cheating and what not…there are teams that the drivers are on and the drivers are like players. they also need to be in shape…look at the pit crew members they need to be fast and strong and stuff like that. So thats what I believe

Answer #3

Ya they get paid just like any other sports player does an take the injuries too an get piked by some of the big names who pay big bucks for the drivers to drive their car an take the danger of it at that.

Answer #4

no nascar isnt a sport… its a way of life you need conditioning to do a race for 3 hours and 110 degrees in a 3500 lb racecar

I love the superspeedways!! 4 wide 190 mph dump drafting.. nothing better!! I wish I could do that on the high way!

Answer #5

I agree - NASCAR racing is a sport. Think of the crowds that flock to see the races, and the amount of people watching on TV every weekend. I go to the Brickyard 400 every year, and there’s at least 150,000 there every time.

Consider this too….the next time you’re on the highway, get up to about 60mph - then realize people racing at Daytona are going 3x’s that fast, racing inches apart! Think of the skill level involved in being able to do that!

The races generally have a length of about 3 hours - that’s 3 hours, sitting in a cocoon - temperatures well over 100 degrees - and constant attention required. I love the sport, but I’m not sure I could EVER do that!

Answer #6

nascar is a sport. do you think that you could get in a car and go 150- 200mph in a car on those tracks and keep control. the best of the best get in wrecks. NASCAR takes more talant then most sports out there.

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