What do you think of booing fans in a sports arena?

I’m so ticked off. I am watching the final game between the Habs and the Bruins (Montreal and Boston) and I can’t believe the Montreal fans. They started to boo boston as soon as they came out onto the ice, and they’re doing it every time they touch the puck.

I know Montreal fans are passionate, and I know this is an important game - one team will be eliminated and the other will go on to the second round of the playoffs, but to boo Boston for just being there??? I think it’s vulgar and totally lacking in class.

So just for that, I’m going for Boston.

Boy it’s a tough life for hockey fans right now. There are two really big games to watch. the other is Philly against Washington. Will have to do a lot of channel flipping… lol.

Answer #1

I think booing at a sports arena is very rude and uncalled for. If they don’t like what they see, then leave. I know its really hard on the athletes as well.

Answer #2

I hate it when people do that why cant they just be the higher person and not do that grrr

Answer #3

I don’t understand why people love sports so much. The booing has to stop.

Answer #4

Jeez… chill. To me booing is the same as cheering.

Answer #5

I don’t like it when I get booed. Fans that boo don’t knw the emotional pain that (we) hockey players go through after we lose a VRY VRY VRY BIGGG game. AND I don’t Like The Bruins or The Habs!!! SAN JOSE SHARKS ALL THE WAY!!! SJ 4 LIFE!!!

Answer #6

booing to the players are very rude because they are showing bad manners instead of giving them a boo we should cheer for them even we dont like them. we have to sportive.

Answer #7

Jewcy, whenever I watch a game where I love both teams, it’s very difficult. I find I need to absolutely go for one or the other. I hate being neutral.. I don’t think it’s right :) not as a sportsfan!

Answer #8

LOL, last night, the montreal fans were shouting “Go Habs Go,” during the US Anthem. I have never been so embarrassed for Canada as at that moment. I don’t think that’s sportsmanlike at all.

Miscegenymiser, stop it… I sputtered coffee all over my keyboard when I read what you wrote… LMFAO… its perfect.

Answer #9

I generally don’t associate myself with sports fans for that reason. They should be cheering their team not booing the other one. It’s not sportsman like. And I always wonder why you have to barrack for a specific team. You don’t have to barrack for one side, you can just enjoy it for what it is.

Answer #10

You are probably not familiar with college football, but I was watching UK (University of Kentucky) take on Georgia just after Kentucky knocked off LSU whom were at number one. Kentucky had a short stint at the top when they traveled to Athens to play. Georgia ends up winning the game. Towards the end, all the Bulldog fans start shouting OVERRATED, a practice common today. The entire time I’m thinking…”What you are saying, is that your team cannot beat a highly ranked team.” “and especially one in their very own conference that can only bolster their ranking.” People, whipped up into a frenzy, will do or say anything without the first consideration for what will naturally follow. Our patriot acts and military commissions act are good examples. On the other hand, I have been known to libel refs, umpires, and officials of every stripe and to personally call for their dismemberment or suggest they defecate the scatological debris residing in their craniums, always in those exact words.

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