Why do people like watching sports so much?

Why do people like watching sports so much? Why do they like get all excited over a ‘touchdown’ or what ever? My dad loves sports. And I don’t. Is that normal?

Answer #1

I love watching sports. I really like watching baseball because I play baseball. I tend to watch the games, and wonder “what pitch should I throw” because I’m a pitcher.

and I wish the olympics were every year, because that is sooo much sports!!!

Answer #2

because its fun and entertaining

Answer #3

its basically a social norm. it started off being a big thing in certain places and its basically just a trend.

Answer #4

HI! It isn’t abnormal to NOT like Sports. Your interests are elsewhere! Your Dad sounds like me- LOL! I LOVE NFL, get excited when a touchdown is made, and follow my favorite teams. That doesn’t mean my kids like it. I also LOVE Nascar. NEVER feel different, it is OKAY! :-D Does your dad enjoy or even know how to run the computer, or answer/ask questions of FUN ADVICE!? We ALL have different interests! Good luck and HAVE FUN! :-D

Answer #5

its perfectly normal think of something that you love …some people will hate doing that and some people will love doing it sport is just another thing that people can watch or do as a hobby, that gets them exited and stuff for some people..sport is as important as the hobby you love most but theres nothing that everyone loves to do so its perfectly normal that you dont like sports

Answer #6

It’s just plain fun! Did anybody catch the 2010 NBA Basketball All-Star Game from Dallas(Arlington, Texas)on Sunday night?

Answer #7

thats ttly normal. everyone is diff. for some people, such as myself, sports is a hobbie. sports is like a bonding. it can bring people together and it can be an outlet. I’ve played sports my whole life so it is a part of me.

for ex. people into theater mite want to only watch oprahs and plays. thats because its something they like so they rather dedicate time to that.

Answer #8

I like certain sports because I played them and grew up watching. I really like baseball. Go Cubs!!! Been to Wrigley Field many times.

Hope to go if can afford during playoffs and WS>


Answer #9

because its real,and no I personally dont think its normal not to like sport.

Answer #10

everybody has different likes, I love sports, I’ve grown up on football, so its a natural thing I like, you dont have to like them, you dont have to watch it, sports is just something that is fun to watch wit family and friends, but you dont have to like it or watch it

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