Do you love sports?

Do you like sports? Why? What kind of sport you play? and if you don’t like, why? Thats my question. IF you see this YOU MUST answer!!!

Answer #1

Big Baseball fan - Love those Hotlanta Braves !!

Answer #2

I love sports I like to run track and play soccer :]

Answer #3

I love love love volleyball and I also play basketball and softball

Answer #4

I love sports!! Currently I dance. Im a competive dancer in all different styles. I used to play soccer, and basketball. I might start running track again too!

Answer #5

I play hockey, I play to get my agression out and I love to watch ice-hockey its great and manchester phoenix’s Brett Clouttier is always getting into great fights its good eterrainment and the atmosphere is amazing

Answer #6

yes, sport is funny. I also see many sport stars on a herpes dating site called Seems most of the sport celebs got herpes.

Answer #7

I love sports because it make me feel good and make my body in a good shape and make me healthy …I play .footbal .basketball,high jumping, running .well thats what im into these days and playing I dont know what for future

Answer #8

I love sports for school sports I play volleyball basketball rugby and track. for out of school sports I play volleyball and I also race motor cross bikes

Answer #9

I love all sports, favourite is basketball, soccer and australian football. fave teams Boston Celtics, Chelsea FC, and West Coast Eagles.

Answer #10

I love sports. I play soccer and basketball. but I love soccer more. the thrill of scoring a goal and the crowd cheering and just playing and competition

Answer #11

Good! These answers are all “Yes” !!! Well my turn to answer. because I c this question so I must answer! I love sport very much. I play ping-pong, basketball, golf but rarely. Umm…swimming, tennis and batminton. Sports make our body healthy and It’s really fun! If you sweat a little, it’s ok! Try to get a lot of sweats!!!

Answer #12

Yes I love sports im playing flag football im a rusher only girl rusher and I play soccer at times with ma couisons and I also run as a tracker and as well I play some basketball when im in a good mood…

Answer #13

I luv sports my favorite is track then bball I luv track because its awsm 2 race somebody and win an get a medal 4 it and I luv being on the track and 4 bball I just luv being on the court and shooting hoops…its just fun!!!

Answer #14

LOVE sports

Answer #15

LOVE sports

Answer #16

I love sports I play softball and basketballl and I play for the number one ranked team in tennessee. I play because it’s fun and keeps me in shape. I used to play socccer and volleyball and baseball too but quit when I got in middle school. sports have always been a huge part of my life. and just so you it’s the atlanta braves I’ve saw them play in person

Answer #17

Yeah I love sports! I like to play softball( which I play for the school and for my aunt, she has a co-ed team!), I also like basketball and volleyball( I play those just for fun), and I love football, I always watch my SOONERS play, and I try to play it for fun but I always seem to be the only one that ever gets hurt!( guess its because im just clumsy!)

Answer #18

I love sports im a girl and I play soccer I been playing soccer sence I was 5 years old and now im 13 wow![9 years] well it keeps your body in shape and people that dont sports is very most likey to get fat! !=

Answer #19

I love basketball, softball, and volleyball. I think im the only on that has said volleyball. lol

Answer #20

I like play football and basketball

Answer #21

love anything that can boost my swimming.. I’ll have badminton tournament’s good to be involve in sports!

Answer #22


Answer #23

sports are the bomb :) go cross country, wrestling, and tennis!

Answer #24

YES I love sports there awsome I cant live without sports!!

Answer #25

yea sports are sweet

Answer #26

Yes, I love baseball and soccer because it is just a time to get out and play. I love the Oakland A’s

Answer #27

yeh I love sports ..I love football(soccer if you call it that) its just so fun ..I love competition:)

Answer #28

yea I love sports!!! I play basketball AND volleyball at my school!!!

Answer #29

I like sport because it’s good for our health and it makes us fit.

Answer #30

I like sports because they are fun and I’m good at them. I play basketball, volleyball, and tennis.

Answer #31

im the only odd person.I love only basket ball and cheerleading

Answer #32

I play soccer and baseball(NOT hockey) and I love the Cardinals :) I dont like hockey and im worst at volleyball but im still ok at it

Answer #33

Yeah, not the whole competing part but the actual playing part. Also, I do dancing and tae kwon do.

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