Why don't more people in the US and Europe use a motorbike, which is fuel efficient and able to get through traffic jams?

Answer #1

Cars hold more shopping bags than motorcycles do. :P

Answer #2

because not everyone can control a motorcycle, so they just use a car, in my opinion its better to use something electric and not oil used, because it pollutes the air.. but also we cause and kill many people in motorcycle accidents so we’re better just using cars

Answer #3

Do you think so? see this pic: 2 people and stuff :-P http://funadvice.com/r/bhksogl9doe

Answer #4

makes sense ;-)

Answer #5

It’s because of the risk you carry when you ride a motor cycle. A simple accident can cause lot of damage when you are on a moot cycle. Moreover the comfort and controlling a car is much more easier because of facilities like air condition, airbag etc.

Answer #6

i think cars there are cheaper than motorcycles

Answer #7

I don’t think so.

Answer #8

Due to the vast land area and also inexpensive current model city vehicles that are on the market now, you will find people in USA and most European countries would much rather purchase a car then a motorbike. Some brand new scooters and non-sport motorbikes are very affordable for those who cannot afford a new late model car so some will opt to have a motorbike as the main mean of travel but in US and European countries, these are consider a ‘fun, extra” on the side…..In mid May, there is a new 2011 model Holden Barina out in Australia which is considered a city car less then $21,000 (which I’m thinking of getting if the design is cute) and it is the same price as a Honda Fireblade sports motorbike.

Answer #9

it would hurt their ego i guess…………………

Answer #10

In the USA there are many great distances to get to where you want to go. So only people in dense populated areas will benefit. Even then, most cities have adapted their infratructure for car travel.

Answer #11

Because a lot of people have kids. There is no room for a kids on a motorcycle, and it’s not safe.

Answer #12

If you’d been seen driving around like that in Norway, you’d be fined.

Answer #13

why would it do that?

Answer #14

…and weather.

Answer #15

I’ve lived in the northeast, midwest, and southwest of the USA, urban, suburban, small town, and rural, and never owned a car in my life. I’ve used public transportation and bicycles. In the “old days,” I used to do a lot of hitch-hiking which I’m sorry to say I can’t recommend anymore even though it was wonderful at the time. For the last couple years, I’ve had a truly awesome recumbent tricycle. Glad to tell anyone interested all the great things about it.

Answer #16

There is so many reasons: -motorcycles don’t work for familes -unless you are going to get a trailer for the back cannot carry groceries etc. -Weather ( in a lot of places they can only be used for half a year) -Price (There are many cheap cars, that are basically the same price as a motorcycle) -safety -Due to the safety of them insurance prices tend to be quite high

and legally it does not help to get through traffic, as you are technically not suppose to weave in and out and around traffic.

Answer #17

For many reason

  • they don’t work for familes
  • they don’t carry large amount of groceries etc
  • safety -weather (a lot of places they are only usable half a year) -insurance (Motorcycle insuance tends to be rather high)
  • Price (Many small chep cars are around the same price as a motorcycle)
Answer #18

Sorry, I didn’t think this one posted as it went to “This page cannot be displayed”. My bad

Answer #19

Yeh, I don’t think that would be legal in Canada either, and even if it was stil wouldn’t be enough room to bring home groceries.

Answer #20

HAYYIM??? Great answer!

Answer #21

I understand then.

Answer #22

Lol, yeah, I switched to my real name {:^)

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