How do you make a traffic light turn green by revving your engine?

People diving sports cars, cars with modified exhaust systems or just a hole in their exhaust tend to do this and I often wonder if their was any real benefit.

Answer #1

You don’t make the light green. All that happens is that the other people in traffic get annoyed. It is quite a nuisance!

Answer #2

sorry to let your hopes down…(maybe), but I have never heard of this. I know that traffic lights are automatic (with a time-set). for example, on old roads with street lights, a car can drive up and still have to wait the remaining time. If you really think about it…..a car’s exhaust can not possibly change 4 traffic lights (let’s assume a 4-stop traffic road). In movies like “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle”, there is a scene where Kumar gets arrested for attempting to cross a street when the light was red….well in reality, the only way you can attempt to change a street light (from green to red) is pressing the button on the traffic light…

I am just saying that exhaust couldn’t possibly affect a traffic light turning green.

Answer #3

I think Renaldo was being sarcastic.

Answer #4

there are sensors that you can hit, I do it all the time, just gotta find them, revving has nothing to do with it,

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