Why do people pass every part of their driving test except parallel parking?

Answer #1

My cousin passed parallel parking.

Answer #2

cause its the hardest one to do and you have more chances of hitting something.

Answer #3

They made me parallel park between cones, I cud barely c the top of the cone

Answer #4

Because it involved reversing. Lol.

Answer #5

I passed parallel parking and I took the test driving manual. Its a stereotype that beginner drivers cant parallel park because i know alot of kids who have passed that part as well.

Answer #6

Well it is easy, I have only seen people mess it up on TV, all you have to do is back in and as your rear tire nears the curb then cut the front tires in. I remember growing up on a ranch and my dad would not let me get my licenses unless I knew how to drive a standard with a 30 foot trailer.

Answer #7

That would make it a bit harder.

Answer #8

Yes it wud, I hit the cone but didn’t knock it over :-o

Answer #9

Well my wife’s car has backup sensors and my car is about the size of a go-kart.

Answer #10

I took my driveing test like 15 yrs ago, no backup sensors then :-) don’t feel bad bout the small car, I like them and thr good on gas

Answer #11

I have to agree with you, but I don’t think I ever did anything on my driving test, just drive my high school coach around while he slept. We did have to drive around the school van though, it felt as long as a freaking bus.

Answer #12

Every person that I know basically failed because they either rolled the car or crossed a line. If you have a proper driving instructor there is no reason you should not be able to pass the parrallel parking.

Answer #13

To be honest, I have no idea. I thought it was pretty easy; it’s not even an issue if you practice beforehand…though the majority of my friends failed parallel parking. Maybe people psych themselves out because everybody makes a huge deal out of it :/

Answer #14

Because most ppl don’t practice driving with there permit there parents get in the car with them and tell them to go to the school or the grocery store (if the parents let them drive at all) they don’t always go to an empty parking lot and practice basic driving like parallel parking. so when it comes time for the driving test alot of ppl are parallel parking for the first time

Answer #15

It depends on the type of vehicle you’re driving and how well you can judge distances. I, for example, have a hard time judging when backing up in a wagon-style or sedan type of vehicle. Whereas a small pickup truck I have no problem. Practice, size of vehicle, nerves… all make a difference in the outcome of a paralell parking job.

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