What type of vehicle do you (or your parents) drive?

and would you recommend it? Cody is looking for a new car to replace the one he currently drives (monte carlo) and any recommendations would be great! thanks

Answer #1

I drive a Toyota Camry handed down from my parents. Not sure if I’d recommend it though. It’s pretty old and has been through some stuff. By the time I was able to drive it, I already hated it for several reasons. Zero windows open, the bottom of the steering wheel never fails to slice the skin off my legs and the door handles are broken… Not to mention the belt always coming loose for the air conditioner. I’m sure it’s not that bad of a car, unless you put it through the crap mine has been through.

Answer #2

I drive a Volvo 240 motor. It was built in 1987 but sitll goes well with very few “issues”. Volvos are probably the most reliable motors ever made.

Answer #3

pickup truck..hilux…& chevrolet..

Answer #4

I have 1990 S10 with the 4.3L v6 and love it all except for it being 2WD - and winters get interesting. Just picked up a 1998 S10 (with 4WD :D) and I am loving my new pickup.

Answer #5

well i live in tx so i dont think winter will be a problem :D

Answer #6

2007 Honda Fit. Easy to park and drive since is so small.

Answer #7

True. But I love my S10. Its a little harder to have many people in - even with the extended cab. Not much room back there. But for me it has just enough hauling room but still is drivable everyday - not like a full size truck that feels silly using it for a daily driver and never hauling much in it.

Answer #8

I had a Volvo 240 and I think the reason Volvos last a long time is because the type of people who buy Volvos are also the type of people who are vigilant about maintenance. Almost all cars these days are pretty good and will last a long time with recommended maintenance. The exhaust system seemed to be the Achilles heel on my DL wagon.. I seemed to go through a lot of mufflers, pipes and I had to get the manifold welded a few times. Mine blew a head gasket in ‘97 and would cost as much to fix as it was worth so I let the junk yard tow it away. Still, I miss having an old car that could skip emission testing here. Sometimes I wish I fixed it and kept driving it but I was pretty tired of it. My Volvo wagon did have lots of room for road trips but my Toyota Sienna has even more and gets better millage.

Answer #9

Assuming that your folks want to replace it with something similar (mid-size coupe) I’d recommend:

Nissan Altima Coupe Chevy Camaro Dodge Challenger Ford Mustang Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Answer #10

‘99 Dodge Avenger. It’s not a bad car, it’s a little sporty looking, I notice on the road sometimes people feel the need to race by me because they think it’s a sports car and stupid people do those things, aha. It’s not a bad car, it’s nothing special, but it gets you from point A to point B.

Answer #11

I drive an ‘06 Nissan Sentra.I really like my car.

Answer #12

I have a camaro and he likes it but wants something off the ground. hes six foot two so getting in and out of my car is a bit of a hassle

Answer #13

I drive a dodge caravan.

Answer #14

Well my parents drive a Chrysler 300, its a good car its never had any problems, and the gas milage is great we go days before we fill it up again.

Answer #15

Well my dad bought me a 2008 sparkley blue Z but is useing it till im 16 that way it can be “used” as my step mum phrases it for when i get it.

Answer #16

I’m only 6’ but when I rode in the Altima it seemed particularly spacious in the front though the rear seats were cramped.

Answer #17

Oh nice. thanks alot! we will go check them out :D

Answer #18

Nissan skyline

Answer #19

Honda Civic. I’d say it’s reliable and easy to use, I’d recommend it.

Answer #20

Dad drives a chevy traverse! It’s awesome…we named it Oscar :DDDDD lolz so yeah and it has on star and stuff it’s cool…

Answer #21

I drive my 2001 Infiniti I30.

3.0L V6 230HP with Cold Air Intake Ceramic Slotted Rotors 24/28MPG with new air filter 17” Infiniti Aftermarket G35 rims I would say 50/50 seat ratio, but I’m short so I scoot up close which gives passengers lots of leg room.

A used one on Cars.com or autotrader sells for $4-9K. It’s a nice sport luxury car. It weighs about 3500lb. when I’m in there.

My dad drives a 2003 Infiniti Q45:

4.3L V8 340HP 60/40 seats 18” Infinti Aftermarket M45 rims 22/28MPG with new air filter (trip computer says so)

It’s a bit longer than the I30 by about 3-4”, but that’s because it’s not a sport luxury so it’s meant to have more room in the back. Car weighs 5,000lb. It’s about 10-15K used.

My mom drives a 2002 Infiniti QX4:

3.5L V6 240HP 60/40 seats 21/26MPG with new air filter 17” OEM tires

It’s definitely heavy since it’s an SUV. Nice car though.

We’ve also owned a Mazda Millenia ‘97 and a ‘94 Mazda MPV6 SUV. If you’re looking for a good coupe I would suggest:

Infiniti G35 - 3.5L 308HP - $9-20K used Nissan Altima Coupe - 2.5L 178HP or 3.5L 275HP - $11-18K used Scion tC - 2.4L 160HP or 200HP with supercharger - $5-10K used Toyota MR2 Spyder - 1.8L 140HP - $5-13K used Toyota Solara - 2.2L 135HP or 3.0L 200HP - $8-15K used

All have good mileage on them and are pretty affordable and economic.

Answer #22

I drive a 1994 Ford Crown Victoria, which has a 4.6L V8 Engine, and its pretty good on gas, about 23 MPG. These have excellent reputations, and driving it I can understand why cops like them. Mine isn’t running too well at the moment but so far before hand it had been pretty reliable. Nice too really roomy and comfortable. I’d buy a newer one or even if you’re looking to buy new either a new Town Car or Grand Marquis, as this is the last year that Ford is making them.

Answer #23

i wantd a 4x4 bt my parnts settld for a sedan :(

Answer #24

They drive BMW

Answer #25

Well right now my mom is driving a custom 1990 navy blue cadillac deville and my stepdad drives a somwhere-around-the-1980’s blue van XD My stepdad also has drives a 1960 62 series cadillac =)

Answer #26

fthey r a fan of haundai cars………and they drive haundai i20

Answer #27

they r a fan of haundai cars………and they drive haundai i20

Answer #28

oh do they lol

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