Are there still Nazi's in Germany?

Answer #1

nope if there are there hiding the coountries decided after ww2 that they would lock up or kill any other living nazi

Answer #2

Oh right, thanks I was just curious :).

Answer #3

Well, yes and no. Often such ideals like the ones the Nazi’s led don’t entirely disappear. However, I don’t believe there are really any acting upon it.

Answer #4

There are Neo-Nazi’s, who formed their movement based on the policies put forth by Hitler. However, they don’t exist solely in Germany - Neo-Nazi’s have communities all over the world. The problem is, politics and freedom of expression seem to muck up the legality of it all and, unless they are actually caught in an unlawful action, they’re free to go about their business.

Answer #5

no problem ;)

Answer #6

yeah but she asking about the true nazi

Answer #7

They are “true” nazi’s … they’re just not from Hitler’s group, which would be difficult considering how long ago the war ended … most of them are dead.

Answer #8

Yes, there are a handful of Neo-Nazis (their average IQ is 3).

But publishing Nazi symbols and some Nazi opinions is illegal in Germany…

Answer #9

right but true nazi were hitlers soliders

Answer #10

Most of todays Neo-Nazis are just antisocial thugs who use nazi symbols as a method to provoke everyone and to tell the world that they are complete imbeciles. Hitlers folks would have sent most of them to the camps.

Answer #11

The word “Nazi” is a contraction of the German word “Nationalsozialist “ - meaning “National Socialist”.

There are still national socialists in Germany and in many other countries. But the range of view points that this term embraces is very wide. There may be some individuals with politics akin to that of Hitler’s National Socialists and some of those people may be in Germany. In Britain today, the BNP, or British Nationalist Party is very like the Nationalist Socialist Party in Germany in the 1930’s.

Answer #12

They’re “wannabes”, lol

Answer #13


Answer #14

it is true, indeed during the first world war until now growing, principle certainly not dead, still Nazi’s a very well-known is a strong nation that will be eternal, like the law of the jungle,

Answer #15

Neo nazis arent just thugs, in russia many men have killed people who werent apart of the ayrian race with white skin blonde hair and blue eyes. They arent as well organized as the original nazis but they are still a threat

Answer #16

I don’t know about the Russian Neo-Nazis. I was speaking about the German ones. And I know that they recruit their members from the range of uneducated, unemployed, dumb, low-life thugs who need someone to blame and hate for the fact that their life sucks. And who seek for a way to cause trouble. Yes, several of them also committed violence crimes, even arson and murder in the past. But I don’t think that they are organized nor do they really understand the “ideology” that they promote. They just hate everyone and look out for scapegoats who they can hurt. To me they are just idiots, and the aggressive ones are criminals.

Answer #17

Okay you question is a tad hard to understand. Keep in mind Nazis pretty much died out at the end of WWII, in germany it is now illegal to show anything in anyway related to that time period (Inglorious Basterds had that symbol edited out in the German relese). Any surviving Nazi would have fled to other countries and changed identity to not be persecuted by the Nymphenburg Court (human rights). However globally speaking there are Neo-Nazis who embrace the old philosophies, most likely without actually understanding them, just misplaced and unjustified hate.

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