Expired drivers license is still valid id at the airport?

Does anyone know if an expired drivers license is still valid id at the airport?

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Most likely not. (it wouldn't even be valid at Wal-Mart!)

A valid drivers license is one that is not expired, the picture is clear, doesn't look altered (no bumps or different fonts), is updated (current residence and name if your marital status has changed) and most importantly... it looks like you and your signatures match.


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With security these days, I'm guessing probably not...

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I once had the same concern because my girlfriend and I were going to travel (within the U.S.), and her driver's license was expired. I called TSA and they said they will allow you to pass the security gate as long as it has recently expired within 1 year. However, the airlines all have different policies. Some airlines will not let you check in with an expired ID - so t get around this you can check-in online, and print out your boarding pass and skip the check-in counters.

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You must have a valid (non expired) photo ID for the airport. You may use a passport, driver's license, military ID, state issued ID with photo. But no matter what you present, it must be valid.

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