How is it possible for me to move to Germany?

So..when I’m older I want to move to Germany…only because Anne Frank lived there. But, I am like inlove with her! People think I’m crazy for loving Anne Frank so much! ; ( Is that bad? Lol.:] Anyway, is it normal for me to move to Germany only because Anne lived there? xoxo.

Answer #1


your profile said you’re born 1995. Makes you 15, right?

Go to find an organization for a student exchange. One with a historical focus. Tell them you’re interested in Anne. Go on a year (or half a year) abroad to Germany. Find a German school, wehere they will be happy about an interested student and a good host family.

Then - after you know the country - you go back home and decide wether you want to live there. Then you finish your school and maybe start to apply for jobs in Germany.

Answer #2

Anne Frank lived in Holland not in Germany and she was a Jewess so her true spiritual homeland could be seen as Israel. If you want to go to Germany you will need a job in Germany or sufficient means, or to marry a German. (The Germans killed Anne Frank). If you impress her life story on yourself too much, it may leave a bad imprint on your life. She and all the Jews hiding with her were killed by the Germans. Her diary lives on. You can ask the German Embassy how to move to Germany one day more precisely.

Answer #3

Anne Frank died of Typhus. Look it up. I don’t need your bs.THANKS FOR THE LECTURE.

Answer #4

How is it possible? hmm, I dunno… how ‘bout a plane?

Anyways, take a vacation there and see if you would want to move there. Don’t worry, it’s okay to want to live where your idol lived. ;)

Answer #5

I suggest going on a vacation there first. Go to the Anne Frank museums and memorial sites and whatever, then when you are back home, you will either have a burning desire to go back, or your curiosity will have been satisfied. You will know if its right for you. But you shouldn’t just move there, you should check it out first.

Answer #6

Thanks. xoxoxo

Answer #7

Uhm? They moved to the Netherlands when she was 4. So technically she grew up in the Netherlands.

Answer #8

umm well you can go on vacation there first and see how it is. If you like you can go live there

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