Oversea living?

im not a rascit person I like to live in peace, im sorry if my question offends anyone in any matter! but when I grow up I wanna move over seas. I know in germany theres a lot of skinheads. im part german but I look more black. I wanna know where in europe or asia is safe for a black person to live because I dont like rasistism. maybe the uk, amsterdam, (somewhere) in germany, italy, switzerland, norway, or korea or japan? plzz help everyone.

Answer #1

First of all: OF COURSE you are entitled - as every human being is - to live a life in peace, and to try your best to achiefve that.

If THAT offends people, it’s their problem, not yours.

Now - I’ve lived and travelled in most countries of Europe - but of course I’m a pale-face.

In general, the Netherlands has a very good reputation for all-round tolerance, and I know several people from the Caribbean who now live there very happily.

The UK has many, many people of non-European background, and there is massive variation in how they experience life there. Likewise with Germany, where there have been nasty incidents, even though they may not be typical of the country as a whole.

I regret to say that both my country, Norway,and Switzerland can be very insular and narrow-minded at times. In Norway,not so much out of hatred, as simply because Norway has been on the periphery for so long - Norwegians went out and sailed and explored the world, but not many foreigners came to Norway.

Japan has a similar background, and the few non-Japanese I know who has settled there, or tried to, have found it difficult, even though they loved the Japanese and their clture.

So… I’d say the Netherlands - and then you could come and visit me in Norway sometime! Good luck! (ps once you make your decision, start learning the language - at once!)

Answer #2

I don’t know much about other countries except japan cause I feel the same way as you. I know the japanese don’t mind race at all. they all respect one another and they even love us americans. they have as many black people in japan as they do anywhere else. I know you wouldn’t have a problem there. I’m sure for most other countries also, but I really don’t know a lot about any other country.

Answer #3

There are no more skinheads in Germany than there are in the USA…Germany is just as safe a place to be as anywhere else.

Answer #4

Your problem will be citizenship in any EU country. You need to get a degree in a technical field and learn the language of the country you want to move to so they will approve your visa. You have to prove you can contribute. If you want to stay away from racists countries then avoid Italy, France, and Spain.

I liked Bavaria Germany the best. I lived there 6 months and never saw a skin-head. I met one old guy that told me stories about how he was a Hitler youth; the most interesting story I have ever heard. It is safe; my wife left her pocket-book in a buggy at the market and went back 1 hour later looking for it and it was still there. If I could have, I would have lived there the rest of my life.

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