Has anyone lived in Germany before, if so, what's it like?

There is a very good chance we will be moving to Hamburg for my Dad’s job, and I was just wondering if anybody has ever lived there and would give me some advice or facts about the culture or anything like that

Answer #1

I’ve lived in Germany for two years. The biggest piece of advice I can give you if you’re going to live there is, learn to recycle. It’s a law in Germany and if you don’t properly separate your trash, they won’t pick it up.

German culture is very festive; there are lots of festivals going on all year long. Not just Oktoberfest but also Weinachtsmarkt in Christmas and Fasching this time ofyear. Take advantage of them, because they’re a lot of fun.

If you’re going to live in Germany, I assume you’ll have a car. Trust me, sign up for ADAC. It’s the German version of AAA. They have great service and will come get you anywhere and get your car too. If you get the Plus membership, they’ll even come to most EU countries.

Germany’s really got it all. If you like history, they’ve got castles, ancient ruins, WW1 and WW2 battlefields, museums, etc. The bigger cities have great nightlife of course, but I prefer the Gaesthaus and pub life in some of the smaller towns. Germany is a walker and hiker’s paradise. There are trails and paths going everywhere. And if you like to snowboard or ski, well the Black Forest and Swiss Alps are within driving distance.

Unlike the English and French, Germans aren’t quite as nationalistic. They tend to identify more with their region. However, the one area where they do get riled up is soccer (football). I wasn’t a fan before I came here, but it grows on you.

If you don’t visit any other German cities while you’re there, at least visit Munich (Muenchen). It was rated one of the best places to live in the world. You just can’t beat hanging out in a German Beer Garden in the middle of summer.

If you have any other questions, Funmail me!

Answer #2

I lived there till I was 6 and speak german fluently. I’mm actually swiss and american. I love germany it’s way better than where I live now in Alabama. It’s more open, diverse, and better food. it’s also beautiful.

Answer #3

Take the opportunity to learn about the country. Visit different places there as much as you can. Hopefully you and your dad will be able to get away to explore every few weekends. I spent several years in Germany when my Dad was stationed there. It was great.

Answer #4

I am german as a mater of fact I was born in mainz you guys should go there. advice Well dont ask people you dont know how are you doing today Allways let elderly people cut infront of you in stores. and eat pretzels from ditch only (ditch a pretzel stand)

Answer #5

I just found out that my Dad got the job…I’m scared…We will be moving over there as early as March…Thanks for the advice everyone!

Answer #6

What we germans are all about soccer or three called fussball we get rilled up and everything.

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