Why is it necessary to recycle?

Why is it necessary to recycle? What will happen to our earth? What does the garbage do to the economy?

Answer #1

Recycling has its benefits and criticisms, just like any program geared toward helping the environment. The main benefits include eliminating landfill space and the resulting pollution, and having a renewable resource to supply us with production material. There are criticisms of recycling, such as whether it really involves less energy to manufacture products from recycled materials as opposed to raw materials. The cost effectiveness of recycling has also been called into question depending on the material and the process required to recycle it.

I live in Germany where recycling is mandatory and heavily regulated. Recycling is a success story here overall, but there are questions about how effective Germany’s plastics recycling program is.

Answer #2

Think about the gas everyday spend to dump trash in dumps. And then think about what’s in your trash or what’s in your nextdoor neighbors trash. Certain things will polute the earth an make it into a deadly toxic wastland so noone or thing can live here making you and everything else die… So recylce people say global warming is nothing butbit is the shift of climates and oxygen and monoxyd (however you spell) will change the earth from earthquakes to snow to rain to flooding it’s all bad news bears.

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