How many people recycle?

how many of you guys recycle your cans and stuff? I was just wondering and thought it would be a good question

Answer #1

I recycle and revamp ^^ <3

and lola, so do I!

we rock!!

Answer #2

I recycle my friend did then she stoped because she didnt feel like takin it out in the mornin

Answer #3

I dont think anybody recycles where I live…

Answer #4

Hey hun. Yeah, I really want 2 recyle because I really wnna save our plant. But my mom on the other hand doesnt like recycling because she thinks that because of it all our cans and bottles suck because nothing is 100% anymore.. so no I do not but I would like 2

Xoxo luv ya, and the planet! :D

Answer #5

We don’t have recycling facilities here, but the town does collect cans and bottles (anything that can be returned for refund - the profits go to the town’s garbage collection).

As for paper products, well, since the majority of people here use wood burning stoves as a source of heat, the paper goes into the burning pile.

Answer #6

I dont recycle

Answer #7

I try mom drinks TONS of dc.pepper (I think shes aan addict when it comes to that) so I decided I wouldd recycle them,I had like 4 trash bags full of cans,but then my mom just through them in the trash :\ I still try tho.

Answer #8

You have to in NYC. You get a fine if they catch you throwing away recyclables.

Answer #9

I dooo.

Answer #10

I do. I’m also the girl who gos thro other peoples trash looking for recycibles…

Answer #11

I do not know about the USA but in Portugal I guess about 10%, at least in the Santarém area

Answer #12


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