lost car registration and Vehicle title number..HELP!

ok so I crashed my car like yesterday and I couldnt find my car registration and I atempted to get one today online but I need my Vehicle title number which I cant find either. all I have is my insurence card and my TEMPORARY car registration which dosent have my Vehicle title number on it. help! what do I do?! where do I go?! how much is this gonna cost me!? how long is this gonna take?! please please please please help meee im only 19 and my parents wont help me :( I live in MD so dont give me laws like in california. thanks!

Answer #1

If you have the car financed you can call the bank who financed it, they have a copy of the title and should be able to provide the number for you.

Then you should be able to get the registration online and it should come to you in about 3 days

xox Sika

Answer #2

What maebee said. That’s pretty much the only place you can get another one without the items you need online. Just bring your stuff in when you got your license like the birth certificate. Bring some money also, you will need that for a new sheet.

Answer #3

Department of Motor Vehicles= DMV

Answer #4

whats DMV?

Answer #5

Try the DMV

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