Who else likes to write & how come?

just out of curosity, i love to write to deal with emotions and when i am frusrated. anyone else?

Answer #1

i like to wright too, i write raps when im bored or madd stressed sad and so on…wrighting is a great way to express yourself, and maybe ull find that ur good at it and it’ll change into a talent or hobby.

Answer #2

I love wrighting. I use it for the same as you, I’m not very outhere so I use wrighting as getting it all out! :) I write stories and poetry and songs. It gets it all out in a healthy and creative way!

Answer #3

yeah thats what my friend said when he saw my writing… well, thank u for answering =) I appreciate it lol…

Answer #4

No problem :P

Answer #5

yeah same here, i dont talk much about personal stuff and writing is good like u said =). I like it cause u can write wjat u want nd get it out, and paper doesnt talk back u know? well thank you for answering! i apperciate it a lot!

Answer #6

i used to write songs to express my emotions and as a hobby, i dont do it as much anymore. and my sister likes to write poems

Answer #7

thats cool! so it like passed down through family? thank u for answering =)

Answer #8

i like to write about life, people, and over all how i feel. It helps me actually gain a better intrest in myself and somehow helps my self esteem… though i think i’m mentally crazy in some sense o_O fear me, rawr

Answer #9

Lmao. thats funny, but i understand where u r coming from when u talk about writing. similar here, but some differences =)

Answer #10

I love to write to people. And when Im down or frustrated or something, I like to write to others, venting in a way. I can get a lot ourt of me when I write. I used to keep a journal, and I found that I could get a lot of my emotions down on paper and look over them, and decide what to do from there. So yeah, I love to write :)

Answer #11

same here basically! =) thanks for taking ur tme to answer!

Answer #12

Any time :)

Answer #13

thats basically the reason why i write 2. i write to vent out emotions or frustrations that are going on in my life, and usually when i do write about things that bother me, I find out that what i went through at the time, is gone. it feels like a weight is lifted off my shoulders. but thats the reason y i write :)

Answer #14

thank u for taking ur time to answer this! i really appercite it!=)

Answer #15

i wirte songs and how im feeling and what i’m going to say to somebody it helps me let my anger/sadness out and it lets people know what i think or feel

Answer #16

you’re welcome!

Answer #17

^^^ Considering you’re 18, I’d recommend working first on your spelling and grammar before you make writing a hobby of yours.

write writing you’ll you’re

Answer #18

^Congratulations on having the best spelling and grammar on this question. For the fact that these two things are the essence of writing, you get my vote.

Answer #19

I write about what I’m doing at the moment and my real thoughts about my thoughts,ideas and dreams. I do it b/c I need something to do since I don’t do my homework so I write in one of my school journal =/

Answer #20

i love to write about and to almost everything, because i think words have more power than actions. To write in a journal or dairy everynight gets the nervs out and takes some stress off a persons back, and if u write say a letter to your friend or lover and its obvious u took time to do that and makes them feel speacial, i know i do when my friends write me note and letters. and there are many other reasons why i love to write

Answer #21

i agree, thank u

Answer #22

i love writing, it helps me feel better if im angry or sad/etc

Answer #23

your welcome

Answer #24

your welcome

Answer #25

Lol thanks!

Answer #26

You see what I mean though? It’s crazy the amount of people that answered this question saying “I love wrighting!” That says it all really. They need an education ¬¬

Answer #27

Yeah, I see what you mean. It doesnt bother me too much, unless I cant figure out what theyre trying to say lol. Pretty much the only thing I leave out when I type is apostrophes

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