How would you write the last name "Roberts" like if you are talking about something they own?

Like I have a friend Sadie Roberts and would I said “I am going to sadie Roberts’s house” or “I am going to Sadie Robert’s house” ?

Answer #1

Roberts’ :)

Answer #2

as in “This is the Roberts’ house…”

Answer #3


Answer #4

No as in “This is Sadie Roberts’ house. I’m guessing.

Answer #5

“I am going to Sadie Roberts’s house.”

“I am going to the Robertses’ house.”

(No significant difference in pronunciation between those two.)

“I am going to Robert’s house” (if Sadie has a brother named Bob).

In other words, you add ‘s to any noun or proper noun (name) to make the possessive form, unless the noun is a plural that ends in s, in which case you add just an apostrophe, with no letter s afterward.

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