What else can I base my writing on?

I want to become a writer one day, and I only have 1 topic for my books. MY TERRIBLE childhood. I wrote about it and my teachers asked to see it and they flipped out and called CPS. I told CPS that it was all imaginary and that it was just a thought for my career becuase everytthing in there was true. I rally don’t want my parents thrown into a cage and I really don’t want to live with my grandmother becuase she smokes. I can’t think of anything else to write about, and if I continue to write about my life, CPS is eventually going to find out what is happeniing. Everyone is encouraging to write but I can’t think of anything whatsoever. please , anyone have ideas?

Answer #1

I’m working to be a writer and basicly you need to deal with you personal unfinished story of your life. Your past is trying to come out through your writing email me cause I’m happy to help a fellow writer

Answer #2

I think that writing about your past is a good way to release some of the pent up pain and anguish. I would continue using bits of your life in your stories because i think it makes them impact a reader more. Something i do is just use a piece of my past and surround it by fiction so when people ask you about it you can say its untrue. Other good topics is to write about things you can look forward to. I enjoy writing very much so if you need any ideas contact me id love to help.

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