How come I cant write anything nondepressing?

all of the poems I’ve written so far, which is like 14, are all depressing, and I tried to write a nondepressing poem, but I cant because I don’t know what to write. its easy just to make them how I always do, which in turn is always dark and evil and such.

Answer #1

I know how you feal. the truth is that things that are sad or dark often are more moveing than things that are happy. the reson poems are usaly about love hate or death is because these are things that provoke strong and pashonate emotions. the more strongly we feal about something the easyer it is to rite about it. for exampel a person that has just found love is lightly to rite about love and contentment wair as a person that has just lost a loved one is more lightly to rite about death and distruction.

I hope this is helpful

Answer #2

I asked tha exact same question. I’ve figured out that you may just be one of those depressing writers, ya know? Maybe it’s just who you are on tha inside..

Answer #3

The whole point of poems is to be creative and imaginative. Maybe it is just your character showing through your poetry. it is going to be hard to write something opposite to your character unless you change the characteristics themselves.

Answer #4

maybe you just havent gone through something that has inspired you to write happy poems.yea you probably had great time but not SO great to give you that inspiration to write a happy poem

Answer #5

Could be because a lot of poems are wrote about sad things. And its also harder to write about happy stuff.

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