Which came first, left hand drive or right hand drive?

Answer #1

im guessing that as a frog invented the car and they have always drove on the wrong side, i mean the right hand side that it would be right.

but ive got a feeling that it could also be in the dead center of the car..

in all honesty i dont know.

Answer #2

the british road system is the real one :3

Answer #3

i mean the right hand side that it would be left.

Answer #4

Well these fake road over here in the US work pretty well for me:)

Answer #5

Looks like left side of the road driving (drivers sat on the right). These were cars built in Europe http://funadvice.com/r/bgudtv362eb History of the car http://funadvice.com/r/bgudtv36lsp And history of which side of the road cars drive on http://funadvice.com/r/14skivt3tnk

Answer #6

I’m going to say left hand because that’s what the first car was built like. But I could be wrong…

Answer #7

They had many different drive systems on cars from right left and center drive. They also had systems that did not use a wheel at all. It is hard to say which system was first because most of the development of this was happening at the same time, but documentation records and media was not as good as it is today. I have not been able to find anything on the web.

Answer #8

From time immemorial it was conventional for a driver to place himself on the right hand side of a vehicle (e.g. coach and horses) so that he could control the reins of the horse with the left hand while using the stronger “dominant” right hand to wield a weapon such as a sword, mace or firearm., in order to defend aggressively against an attacker.
. This more of less demanded that the vehicle be driven on the left hand side of a road in order to minimize the change of attackers boarding on the left hand side. . Therefore the original convention was right hand drive. . Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #9

The chicken. No, wait - the egg!

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