What kind of car is suitable for a soon to be 16 year old?

Answer #1

A cheap one, i would say no more than 4-5,000 dollars. First time drivers are bound to wreck the percentage is ridiculous. Also they are new to driving, owning, and taking care of a car, and the chances of them changing the oil when they are supposed to, checking radiator fluid, changing the tires etc are very slim and it all ruins the value of the car. So it should be modestly priced.

Answer #2

Okay. Would a 2004 Toyato Corrola be good?

Answer #3

My first car was a ‘65 fastback

Answer #4

Anything you can afford, I’m a ferrari girl myself- only I can’t afford so I’m driving my brother’s civic lol (I don’t think it really matters)

Answer #5

A cheap but safe. You don’t want one made up of just plastic. It gets crumpled easily.

Answer #6

I would recommend something older but reliable. My first rig was an 83 Caprice Classic. Not the sexiest looking car but while still learning the in’s and outs of real life drive I got in 3 wrecks (I was kinda a bad driver when I started) but I was able to drive away from everyone with only minor body damage to the vehicle. While in one the other guy needed a new trunk and rear end…..(I felt really bad for that one, it was his g/f car….)

Answer #7

O.o your definition of ‘cheap’ has an extra 0 on it :P.

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