How exactly does a hybrid car work?

How exactly does a hybrid car work? I’m going to be 16 soon and I want to know if it would be smart to get a hybrid.

Answer #1

hybrids aren’t really cheap. being so young, you might do better to just get a small car, rather than a hybrid. get an old geo metro, chevy sprint, ford festiva, or suzuki swift. hybrid mileage without the hybrid technology/price. if you’re rich though, or your parents are paying for it, snatch one up…live the dream.

Answer #2

If you look back to some of the early discussions on the Green Living group here on Fun Advice, you’ll see that several people here have hybrids and gave some interesting information about them. I hope you find it useful - and please join the group if you care about the environment!

The link is:

Answer #3

They do work, but they are quite expensive. Start off with a small car. Kia’s are really good, hondas, sometimes toyotas. Older cars are the best. 2000-2004. Maybe when we are quite older and can afford hybrids, then yeah, but now, no.

Answer #4

Well to answer your question in reality, hybrid cars are basicly a blend or duel technology, hybrids run on fuel and electricity or fuel and solar energy. This allows the car to consereve energy by running on natural resouces first brfore running on fuel that has to released in to the air…

If You have further questions let me Know I would be more than happy to answer them for you

Hope I helped : )

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