Drug addict boyfriend wants me to leave him taking our baby??

My boyfriend is a drug addict and has been since he was 15(he’s 17 now!) he’s now decided to give it up bcos we found out I was expecting his child(due in february) but yesterday I got a phonecall from him saying he didn’t want me to wait for him bcos he won’t be out for another 2 months. He is due out 10th feb and the baby is due on the 26th. He has been in for 4 months already and is beating it. He told me not to wait and to go and find the baby(a girl) a proper daddy rather than and ex druggie. I love him and I think he loves me but do I just ignore him and stay with him or do what he says and leave him?? I want beyonce maddie(the baby which we both chose 1 name) to have a daddy in her life but I wud rather the biological dad instead of a stranger. What do you think??

Answer #1

kk. thanx. I dunno why but it’s showing I’m a different person?? I’m in a late internet cafe so must be someone else’s log in!!??awell. thanx.

Answer #2

well he is either sayin that because he wants to protect u, and he knows one day he might do somthin he regrets, and does not want you and the baby involved in that problem


he might be sayin that because he just feels bad at the moment but really wants to be the father and be there for both of you…x

I would w8 and c

but it is very hard x

good luck x x x

Answer #3

apparently I’m 14 and have a baby?? I’m actually 15 and I’m pregnant and I’m called shania not jadey so ignore the name.

Answer #4

I really don’t know on that one!! it’s tough!!

Answer #5

well…uh…hmm…yeah I’ve got nothing. Stay strong though!

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