What is one of the most insulting things someone has said to you?

I remember a guy telling my boyfriend to “Keep his b!tch on a leash” sexist remarks are a major pet peeve. So what is something someone has said to you that you found extremely insulting?

Answer #1

Heh, I am often a fan of sexist remarks and tend to make them myself, but I can see your peeve. The only time I feel insulted is when I’m being compared to others in certain ways, sometimes I’m fine with it, but sometimes it makes me want to fly off the handle. I deal with insults well in general though, I think.

Answer #2

Ive heard them all, im fake, i tricked my fiance into having a child, im a worthless dr.ug addict, im destined to live in a trailor and be beat and have 13 kids, im a baby killer, etc. Ive been told anything you can think of over the years - i just laugh and walk way.

Answer #3

“I’d tell you that you should just kill yourself, but youd probalby f*ck that up too…” -My friend

Answer #4

Being told “Your nothing but a f*ck up. A stupid walking v@gina who’s just going to get r@ped.” That being told to me after breaking up with a boyfriend when all he wanted was sex lol. like that was the best he could come up with

Answer #5

I’ve been called a “nazi” and “Hitler” before because of my German roots. I take serious offense to that.

Answer #6

I get that too from people. It really does hurt.

Answer #7

When I explained to my ex I was once r@ped, he held it over my head for the remainder of the relationship and would always say “You’re nothing but a whore! How do you think I feel having a woman that someone else has touched?”

Answer #8

Thats just horrible, the first time he said that i woulda been like “F*ck you it’s over!”

Answer #9

That’s absolutely LOW. How dare he?! I’m glad you’ve moved on. You definitely deserve better than that. =/

Answer #10

Looking back, I should have….I would have saved myself from many arguments and pain. However, being in such an abusive relationship made me realize how much I actually love myself, and that I should NEVER settle. I’m happily single now!! :)

Answer #11

What an @sshole.

Answer #12

Thanks simplychallenging! :))

Answer #13

“Did you buy your green card yet?” Other then that, nothing really offensive.

Answer #14

Haha I can’t see why anyone would ever insult you.

Answer #15

lmao… I’ve been confused for anything but what I really am… Mexican, Dominican, Puerto Rican… Mostly Mexican and as usual being confused for a Mexican means someone has to crack a joke about jumping over the border… It’s a good thing they don’t try to offend me for being Colombian because well… That would be really ugly…

Answer #16

Oh yes, he was quite the @sshole. I don’t even know why i was with him, it wasn’t too long of a relationship, two months at the most maybe. And he had sex with other girls so i didn’t know why he wanted it from me lol

Answer #17

Wow, well thats good your not in a relationship like tat anymore, i don’t know what i would’ve done if i was. I did have a controlling boyfriend once, but i cut it off. Lord only knows what would’ve happened. But good for you :)

Answer #18

I missed a class (by which I mean a tiny, highly interactive post-grad class where your absense will most definately be noticed) due to illness and I recieved the nastiest email from the lecturer, telling me I most likely was not sick, just missing the class because I was too lazy, and how I basically really sucked at various aspects of the course. Not the most insulting thing ever, but in terms of who it had come from, I was extremely hurt. Aside from that, whenever my sister is mad at me, she feels the need to tell me how fat and ugly I am, which for some reason, I always get offended by, even though I know I should just ignore her.

Answer #19

I get that all the time. It’s an honor. Im proud to be german.

Answer #20

making racial comment against me..people do it all the dam time thinks its a joke….wait till one day i jus pop off…even tho i hat to fight people…idk wat i might do to em…im scared for them……ahahahahahaha

Answer #21

I was told by a snobby kid 2 years younger than me when I was in school that I will ‘Most likely get pregnant at 17 and live in a trailer park with 20 kids’. I was so insulted I didn’t know what to do. I just stared blankly.

Answer #22

I hate being told I’m lazy >.<

Answer #23

I’m surprised that Kari hasnt answered this question yet with “Someone said they thought I wasnt wealthy.”

Answer #24

“You belong in a freak show, do the world a favor and go kill yourself. We don’t need anymore little emo btches, you worthless piece of sht”

“the world could do with out you” It isn’t really what they said but what they did. They pushed me into a ditch and hit me a couple times then he said that and his friends were laughing. It was the middle of night I thought they were going to kill me. But they just left,

“I should of had an @bortin”

I’m not going to go on. Some memories are better not mentioned. But I mean everyone has obstacles to overcome in their life. All we can do is hope for the best, I mean success is the best revenge? I read all of your stories and I’m really sorry you guys had to go through that.

Answer #25

who is that

Answer #26

Right before my ex & I we got divorced, said a bunch of stuff that hurt me, but the thing he said that most affected me was…”I am never going to get married again, been there done that” (making it out to be that I was the worse relationship ever…)as if he even knew how to appreciate everything I did or sacrificed for him…what a freaken looser…glad I kicked his ass to the curb…now his stinkin w0w h0 has to put up with him & his inability to pleasure a woman or hold a steady job w/o whining like a baby! Another thing he said was, I didnt need a guy I needed a pet because I was always good at giving him orders! lmfao, anyone want to be my pet?! JK :P

Answer #27

The one who asked “How can someone say you’re not wealthy when they don’t know you” and she’s also posted things about how expensive her jewelry is and garbage like that.

Answer #28

Was your friend being serious or just being a smart alec? Either way….thats not nice! :(

Answer #29

‘stupid fuuck.’ ‘bitch.’ Nothing too detailed, then again they barely knew me.

Answer #30

i’ve been called a nigga before… because I’m south african, even though it was meant as a joke and i don’t have black skin, i took great offense to it… The history behind the word and their naivety is terrible…

Answer #31


Answer #32

I used to have strangers in the street telling me to go kill myself because I’m a Gothic satanic bitch. ‘freak’ ‘psycho’ ‘stupid bitch’ ‘whore’ ‘you look like a prostitute’ ‘useless’ ‘ you look like a man’’go slit your wrists an bleed to death’

I have been called pretty much every name I can think of that relates to lack of sanity, and every name that relates to lack of normaility

I find it seriously insulting when someone is making a serious insult on my mind or on my intelligence

Answer #33

Not much gets to me, but when someone who is obviously lacking in the intellect department calls out my intelligence…well, that irks me.

Answer #34

they called me a poor piece of sh*t , that doesn’t deserve to have a life

Answer #35


Answer #36

Well from parents, the worst I’ve had was “I can’t believe I kept you. If the docot r was there, I would have gotten rid of you! You’re nothing but a failure and a dumba*s!” They never seize to remind me of it.

By ‘friends’ and other classmates, I’ve gotten “Are you Communist? Why don’t you go back to your sh*t country where people ride goats and eat grass.” or “You’re such a retarded freak, you’d probably beat your wife and kids. That is, if you even get a wife. I’d feel sorry for her.”

I usually just nod my head and bottle it up until I go home. I have feelings too, but they can’t see it.

Answer #37

I’ve been called alot. I mean, it’s the rhumours at high school that got to me. I mean, everyone was always on my back. I’ve been called a weirdo, a freak, that I self harm, that i’m always depressed, saying that i’ve never heard of a salad?! They’d chant “You fat b@stard, you fat b@stard”

I dyed my hair red, and had little piggy tails, I got called a lesbian, dyke, emo dyke, slag, slut, bitch, scaff. I them dyed my hair pink and everyone started a rhumour that I had breast cancer. Everyone said I stuffed my bra because i’ve got big boobs. Everyone said I had gotten surgery to get my boobs bigger but they are naturally like that! Gah!

I got called ‘chunky dunk’ and a fat wh0re because I was a size 12. I started comfort eating and gotten bigger. And scaff means poor where i’m from and I had all the latest technology going. People at school said “So.. are you a mosher?! emo?! goth?! what are you?” like i’m in a f*cking group.

And the worst thing of all?

I was mates with a guy, he was a bit weird, but us “weirdo’s” should stick together. Everyone said I was dating him, had se.x with him behind the bushes at school, that I was pregnant and have been for five years. Like what the fck?! Am I going to be giving birth to a fcking elephant?! The guy turned out to be a r.apist, i’m certainly not his friend anymore. I am very close to the girl he’s r.aped and everyone thought he was my boyfriend at the time so my actual boyfriend got ALOT of hate for r.aping someone when he DIDNT!


Answer #38


Answer #39

Chahahahaha!!! (The ch as in Chanuakah) :D

Answer #40

I am told every day by my mom that i am spoiled, selfish and lazy. It really hurts to, like if it was someone else i wouldn’y give a sh*t but it coming from my mom so it really hurts. :(

Answer #41

ive been called a whore, b**,back stabber,& a whole lot more u dnt wanna know

Answer #42

ive heard that im an ugly asian with crooked teeth by my crush Lol but the thing is whenever i talk to him he blushes and everyone at my school is telling me he likes me and is going to ask me out idk?…

Answer #43

oh i was told i was a slacker cuz i didnt do homework..

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