How would you know if your speed was caught on camera?

Today I was driving and as I came over this hill there was a sign that said your speed is # so I like slammed on my brakes because I was over the speed limit and on the sign a blue line went by really fast and then it said my new speed. There were no cops around. Can those things take a picture of your license plate? How long would it be before they sent me a ticket? I live in Ohio if that has any thing to do with it.

Answer #1

Yeah they do have cameras that do look at your license plate if you run a red light or are going too fast and they do send you something in the mail. That happened to my stepdad once. I don’t think you would know they caught you until they send you something honestly. I’m not sure how long it takes for them to send you a ticket. Maybe a couple weeks I’m guessing

Answer #2

Well, these speed traps are monitored by the police so it’s no surprise that you may be fined for it. Did it record both speeds or just the second one?

If it recorded only the second one, then you should be fine. Still, drive slowly for at least a week just in case.

Answer #3

in the uk you have to be notified by road signs if theres camera ahead otherwise they cant do jack… if its the same where you are then the chances of you getting a fine are slim… we have them signs too but ours are red when your over and yellow when your at the correct speed

Answer #4

Those things do not take pictures where I live, they’re just there to remind you to slow down. I believe the cameras usually are above to take pictures of the license plate so unless there was something above, you’re probably fine. The best you can do is wait for the mail. If there’s no ticket, you weren’t caught.

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