I need a car.

ok so I’m 16 and I’m going to get a car within this month or so, and I wanted to know what you guys thought would and wouldn’t be a good CAR for me. no suvs, trucks, just a car. it has to be used, for obvious money reasons, I mean I work a minimum wage job at subway (eat fresh) its 6.55 and in jan. it goes up to 7.25 (yesh!)

Answer #1

BMWs are for the most part quality cars, especially 95-99 models.

Volkswagens are generally good (A few years have some quality control issues, mainly early-mid 2000s).

Mercedes… bleh… horrible cars.

American cars suck.

Hondas/Toyotas are fairly reliable and when they do break their parts are pretty cheap and the maintenance usually not expensive cause parts are easy to find.

Mainly… avoid American, our car industry is circling in the toilet refusing to go down the tubing all the way. Course… it might be because they’re all owned by foreign companies who want their own brands to be that much more superior to American cars so they’re holding down the quality… but that could just be speculation, I love European cars myself.

Oooh, and I forgot Audi, awesome cars. Some quality issues in the last few years with electrical I do believe, but I had a 1992 Audi 100 a few years ago, best car I’ve ever had even if it was already 14 years old.

Answer #2

the chevy malibu gets 30/mpg and if you get the hybrid it’ll get you 35/mpg. but it cost alittle more than the regular one.I would say a nissan or toyota car

Answer #3

I drive a chevy cavalier. it runs fine. but I wouldn’t recommend it. aha

Answer #4

the majority of american cars suck. but not all of them

Answer #5

well, anything not american, american cars suck..

Answer #6

Go for a Hyundai i20 because it would be a better option as your first car as its quite youthful and uber cool too.If you need more information on it then just visit the following link : Hyundaii20.org

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