is GM cutting out most of their car companies?

my dad is saying that GM and all the american cars are going under. He says that chevy is removing the corvette and their cutting out saturn, pontiac and all v8 rear wheele drive cars for the fuel efficiancy. is this or isn’t this true… if so we all need to make donations or somting to save teh american car companies. lol

Answer #1

If GM goes out of business…would you really miss them? They make a lot of parts overseas…and while they do employ a lot of Americans, so do Honda & Toyota, while they are Japanese companies, most of the cars they sell in the US are made in the US.

GM is having trouble because they make cars people don’t want. Toyota just unveiled the first production car that gets 50 MPG average…the new prius, the highest for any car. Is it that Toyota is that much better, OR does GM, Ford, etc, have a problem prioritizing what people want, and actually making it?

It sucks if it hurts the US economy, but, if the executives were too busy flying a corporate jet rather than listening to customers needs…then, they’d be in a different situation today, rather than the one they are in.

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