Is it wrong to prefer guys addicted to drugs and s*x?

Is it wrong for me to prefer guys who are addicted to drugs and s*x, I am and I know that its not a healthy relationship at all. but I dont know everyone I think I have ever dated was addicted to some type of drug, im single right now, and sober, but I hate it, its boring and I know most people would say it better to have a guy thats addicted to something good like chocolate, but thats boring I am so lonely and tired. my friends say drugs make them tired but its the opposite 4 me I really want someone whos a terrible person I guess you would say. I don’t know I guess im just weird. I think the opposite of most girls, if any chicks out there are with me let me know, if not I dont really give a dam. im actually perfectally fine I can run 5 miles without dying I can stop when im in the middle of doing drugs im not unhealthy I just perfer to do them and be with people who do them too.O Well.

Answer #1

Some people, who abuse drugs, never make it to rehab because they end up in the morgue. A sad truth, but a dose of reality.

Drugs do not make you cool, they make you into a different person. A person who will DO ANYTHING to get that next high. And that is not a very nice thought.

Answer #2

well even though u say u dont care im gonna say it anyway. lol I do weed once in a while but nothing crazzy, only like on a frinds bday or someithng lol. and ive been with guys who do weed once ina while, but only weed.

u say its boring not having a guy that doesnt do drugs, maybe u need a guy whos daring and over the edge not drugies , thats the kind of guys i like, and its fun, and never boring.

sure doing weed once ina while with a group of freinds when ur bored lol thats fine, but addiction isnt.

well i hope you under stand what me and the other to people wrote.

Answer #3

if you keep up with the drug abuse its going to lead you in a worse situation then your in right now you think you feel like crap now wait till your in rehab with they say “” cold turkey “” which means your in a little room in a frame bed with cold chills ,sweats chills, extreme body achs, vomiting, diarehaa, and fusturation cuz your body is thrivving for that high and you dont get it so your body goes through withdrawls …good luck …missv

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