Horse drug addiction help

I’ve become addicted to horse drugs. I only started because I wanted to tone up and those drugs work well as well as eating loads of food combined with it. I feel that if I keep taking em ithat I could be in serious danger. I cant help it but I cant stop taking them. It’s become a habit, and I need help getting off of them. please help

Answer #1

Are you taking steroids? If you are that is really dumb. Being toned is not worth the other side-effects. I know what the side-effects are from steroids except my body started making too much of it’s own natural steroid (cortisol). You’ll end up with sleeping problems, mood issues, acne all over your body, etc. The list just keeps going. MTV done a TrueLife about 3 young people that were addicted to steroid use to get in shape or to tone up. I suggest that you go to a doctor and get help. Also sometimes steroid use can induce Cushing’s Syndrome/Disease and believe me you don’t want that.


Answer #2

well first off you need to break this habbit horse drugs are very dangerouse, your body is different to a horses, so when you take drugs made especially for them, anything could happen. taking them to tone up was a stupid idea, I know it sucks to hear this but by eting healthy and exerscising reguarly you can tone up…you dont see results right away but 10+ mins every day or every other day works and by the 2nd weeks youll start feeling different and noticing changes. you should probably go to a doctor and tell them what yor taking, you never know what side affects they could have. try and find something else to do to occupy your time and take your mind of taking drugs

Answer #3

and you moan at me when I went bulimic …I want them…give them 2 me skinny chicken

Answer #4

I FORRT I WAS SKINNY CHICKEN!!! oh no im morbedly obese skinny chicken lol xxx

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