is this a drug addiction. or just an addiction.

I seem to have such a good life, I get good grades and I love all my friends and hate no one. But something no one knows, not even my best friends know is that im addicted to sniffing strong products. Mainly nail polish, nail polish remover, gasoline, cleaning products & strong permanent markers. If I go to long without smelling something strong I feel myself starting to get angry. And when I do have it , I cant stop smelling it. When I cant seem to find something that smells strong in my room like nail polish , I tear my whole room apart looking for it, it makes me so frustrated. Please don’t judge me, all I need is help. Is this considered a drug addiction . how can I deal with this , it honestly makes me feel good. But I know not everyone will take this in consideration, but either way, good or bad, I appreciate it. thank you.

Answer #1

It is a drug addiction.

You should know that you are seriously damaging your brain, and this CAN kill you, even if you’ve done it before with no problems.

Answer #2

I have this problem too. I know its so hard not to smell those strong smells. to me they smell so darn good. One day my mom caught me in the bathroom with all my nail polish bottle open and the nail polish remover too and she took all my stuff away. I try hard to concentrate about not smelling those smells. Aand when im about to go desperate I think about the consequences, even though its really really really hard. Hope this helps in a way

Answer #3

yes this is considered a drug addiction.

inhalants are possibly the most dangerous types of things to be addicted to.

I have many tales of someone sniffing (huffing) and either losing their life, or seriously damaging their brain.

you need to seek help for this addiction immediately.

Answer #4

This is definitely a drug addiction! You are killing yourself slowly and you don’t even realize it. Sniffing is one of the worst drug addictions you can have. You have to stop! You don’t have much of a choice! You need to check yourself into a Drug Rehab Program! If you don’t and you continue doing this, you won’t be around much longer. Please get some professional help, before you end up killing yourself!

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