How to help a drug addict?

How to help and stop a family member who is a drug addict??

Answer #1

this is a hard job. First of all you have to analize what is his situation… why is he taking drugs, how often, where, wich drugs (this is really important).

I would recomend you talking to him, not about that, but other things, build a good relationship with this person. Do it untill this person tell you evrything, EVERYTGHIN, probably this person needs someone to count on, someone to talk to… dont comment on the things this person tell you so this person feels that can tell you everything and you will not judge. Then this person will tell you that it is depressed, or thet it feels alone, or that it is bored, or that it wants to fit in.. be part of, or something like that.

Then is when you have to star helping this person telling him advices, tell this person to go with a psicologist (it really helps). Dont ever tell him to not take them because this person will feel like you don’t understand him and will not talk to you. I tell you all this from the experience of my sister a drug addict and myself knowing how the world of drugs works.

Good luck, and hope I helped :)

Answer #2

There are some hotlines you can call to get professional advice on this

1 800.561.8158



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